I sat down on the sofa to have my snack and rest a bit.  This groupie will get fucked again!

I felt a finger in my pussy, was I dreaming?

No it was real because  I must have dozed off and awoke to feeling a finger in my pussy!  Startled, I went to jump up only to be held down by several strong pairs of hands.  It was then that I realized all the band members were surrounding me and touching, licking and kisses various parts of my body!

After the shock of it wore off I laid back to enjoy it.  I was going to be gang banged by my favorite rock group!  Some people might think that this is wrong, but let me tell you, I was dreaming of this!  Wanting this with every fiber of my being!  It was the eighties and I was going to live it to the fullest be a groupie and get fucked by this band!

My clothes were stripped off of me and I lay on the sofa totally naked, waiting and wanting!

The lead singer came up at that moment and said, “I’ll not have sloppy seconds, rest of you behind me!”  He laid a gentle hand along my cheek and looked in my eyes and whispered, “You want this?  How old are you?”

“Yes I want this, I have dreamed of it and I am old enough to know what I want!”  He then leaned down and pulled my nipple into his mouth and nipped on it lightly with his teeth.  Arching my back and moaning I left him know how much I was enjoying it.

The other band members had wondered away so now it was just the lead singer and I.  His hand wondered slowly down my stomach to my pussy!  feeling how wet I was becoming he glanced up at me and his eyes wide he said, “You are ready for me Baby!  My little Groupie is ready to be fucked!”

With that he stood and dropped his pants and exposed his huge cock to me!

“Wow!  I am not sure if I can handle all of that”

“You already did, but now I want you to taste it also!”  Pushing me down to the floor on my knees he pushed his

cock into my face.  I opened my mouth only to have him shove that huge cock into my mouth causing me to gag!  He kept shoving it in further and further causing me to gag more and more!  Hearing the laughter behind me I was determined to do this right.  This Groupie will get face fucked.

Concentrating I relaxed my throat muscles and started taking him in, deeper and deeper until I heard him starting to moan.  After he face fucked me for a while he pulled me up to his arms, picked me up and my legs automatically wrapped around his waist.

He then lowered me down onto his rock hard dripping cock until I was deeply seated on it!

It took a while until I became used to the size of it but as I did He started to lift me up and then lower me onto that beautifully hard cock!  Feeling that sensation down deep inside of me I felt it building and building and knew it wouldn’t be long until I reached the point of no return.  This little groupie was getting fucked!

Are you anxious to find out what happens next?  Make sure to come back on Sunday to read the conclusion of, Being a Groupie Has It’s Advantages, Oh Yes!

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