Beach Day with a Mean Babysitter – Part 2

This is going to get even hotter but if you haven’t read part 1 yet then do that first! As I was saying previously, our tiny “fuck toy” had just been tied down to the bed. On her back with her feet behind her head. Her fuck holes completely exposed and ready for any cock that wanted inside. No man there was going to be nice to her. In fact, I told them to really rip into that little whore!

With her face peeking through her legs she looked at me and begged us not to do it. I laughed at her and then told the guy with the biggest cock that he could have first dibs. He didn’t hesitate to get on the bed and start rubbing the head of his cock against her young cunt.

He looked down at her and said she looked so cute when she cries.

The other guys were standing around stroking their cocks. One of them was feeling up her tiny body with his big hands. Then rubbing her asshole with his middle finger until he decided to push it in! Meanwhile, her pussy was being stretched with a fat cock as she screamed for mercy. I was stroking another guy as we both watched what was unfolding.

It turned me on so much seeing her get used like a real whore. At that time I just remembered I had a vibrator in my purse! So I quickly grabbed it and put it on her clit. She started moaning even though she was clearly in pain. I laughed and said she likes what we’re doing to her after all! My goal was to get her to cum before that guy shot his load inside her. Soon her body began to tremble, toes curling, all the while that man was fucking her senseless. She started cumming – hard too! Her tiny cunt was squeezing that grown man cock which made him cum seconds later.

Now it was another guy’s turn to get in on the action.

The one who was fingering her ass said he couldn’t resist pounding her asshole. I told him to go ahead and do it. She’s not going anywhere for a while. She begged and pleaded for mercy, but again, we ignored her and carried on. The other guy waiting for his turn decided to stand on the bed and shove his dick in her mouth. Her muffled screams made me want to touch myself. So I sat back and watched these guys totally use her little body!

These guys were making sure each hole was filled with jizz. It’s what that bitch needed! As time went on and the men’s balls were drained we then untied her and got ready to leave. I helped clean her up and put her back into her school clothes. She still had cum in her ass and pussy. I know she could still taste cum in her mouth too. On the way home I told her to cheer up and that I would get her some ice cream. See! I may be a mean babysitter but I can be nice sometimes!

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