Beach Day with a Mean Babysitter

The girl I look after knew that I could be a mean babysitter. But she still didn’t realize just how mean I can really get! That was until I decided to take her to the beach. Sounds innocent enough, right? Well, first, I gave her a sexy little bikini when I picked her up from school. I made her put it on while I drove us to the beach. People in their cars could see her tiny naked body as she put on her swimwear. She was embarrassed but I didn’t care.

When we got to our destination I had her step out of the car and we walked to the shore. There were many people around, especially grown men. Of course, you know they were looking at the little hottie I had with me! That’s what I wanted to happen. Not only that, but I was hoping to entice some of these men to come talk to us. Well, it didn’t take long for a group of guys to strike up a conversation with her and I. It was mostly me doing the talking as the young girl stood there. She was shy and you could tell she didn’t really want to be there. None of us cared about that though!

These guys were saying they had a beach house nearby and wanted us to come over.

With a big smile on my face I said of course we would love to stop by for a bit! But then the girl told me she was tired and didn’t want to go. So I grabbed her by the wrist and we started walking to their beach house. She couldn’t do anything about the situation since I was in charge anyway. I may be a mean babysitter but she still has to listen and do whatever I say!

Soon as we got inside their place that’s when the fun began. These guys were so horny and already pulling their cocks out of their swim trunks. Our tiny “fuck toy” was about to be used like a whore. She was still na├»ve enough to not fully understand what was going to happen next. Soon enough though she found out what was on these guys minds!

Still in her bikini, they made her get on her knees and start sucking their hard cocks.

One guy getting sucked off while her hands were being used to stroke the other guys. She was crying but we just laughed at her! I called her a fucking whore and said she should be grateful they chose her to bring home. If only she knew just how bad things were about to get. Pretty soon they tore off that itty bitty bikini and dragged her to the bedroom.

My cunt was throbbing and soaking wet as I helped tie her down. Her cute feet were placed behind her head. She was completely exposed on her back. You could still see her face between her legs which made it even hotter. Tears still streaming down her face too!

In part 2 I will explain what they do to her next. You probably know already that I have to be careful with what I say on the blog. HOWEVER, I can be completely graphic and uncensored in the audio! Grab it in my store if you rather not wait until Thursday for part 2!

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