BBC Cuckold – Humiliation Of A Baby Dick Bitch Part 2

So, this baby dick was about to be a BBC cuckold whether he knew it or not. He walked slowly up the steps and peeked into the master bedroom. The door was left slightly ajar so he couldn’t see it all. However, he could see enough to know that his wife was on her knees sucking off that big black cock. He had no idea what happened to make his wife change her mind, but the end result was the same.

He got so hard watching his wife. Mr. BBC held a finger to his lips when he saw the little cuck bitch peeping. So, he shushed like a good boy and watched silently as his wife devoured that massive cock. But, it was time for the real show to begin. The bull got her on the bed on her back. He slid in between her legs and started to fuck her.

She moaned in pleasure and the poor baby dick boy could see the look of absolute pleasure on her face. His wife even commented on how good the big black cock felt inside her. How her husband could never make her feel so good. And, the blow of a lifetime, how she’s faked every single orgasm of their ten-year marriage.

The bitch couldn’t help being excited.

Everything she said was true and he couldn’t blame her. His penis – I say even that description loosely – was only about 4 inches. What good would that be to any woman?

Anyway, she came over and over on his huge black cock. It was then that he pulled out of the tight pussy of the cuck’s wife. She was very tight since she’d never been stretched out in her entire life. As hot as that is, our story doesn’t end there.

The Master ordered the little cuckie bitch to fetch some clothes for a few days. They weren’t done having their fun yet. While he did that, they washed up and played some more.

As soon as the baby dick got back, his wife and his new Master sent him down to the kitchen to make them some desert. And, made sure he knew to have breakfast made and served to both of them in bed when they woke up in the morning. It was so humiliating to be ordered around like that while his wife was upstairs having the ride of her life.

But, it didn’t stop there, oh, no.

Soon, every dollar he made went to his wife and his Master. He was allowed a small amount of money each week depending on how behaved he was. If he misbehaved, it was taken away from him. That and he was grounded and had his toys taken away. They treated him like a child with rules and punishments.

The Master slept in the master bedroom with his wife and the cuck slept in the basement. There was talk of his wife getting remarried to the bull and having the cuck perform the ceremony. The two of them were so in love with each other.

That’s so humiliating, but we’ve only scratched the surface. Make sure to read Part 1. If you want more detail about him, give me a call, or buy the audio. There will be so many more juicy details in there about our little BBC cuckold. Or, for some more humiliation, check out Cuckold Sex.



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