BBC Cuckold – Humiliation Of A Baby Dick Bitch Part 1

When you’re a BBC cuckold, there are some stories that are so pathetic and humorous, I can’t help but share. This is one of those stories that baby dicks of all shapes can enjoy. Size does matter. After all, for me, you must be 7 inches to ride. Names aren’t important, the events and the laughter is what matters. If you’re a baby dick, you won’t want to pass up the truth. If you’re not then you might want to sit back, eat some popcorn, and laugh at the train wreck that’s about to unfold.

He’s always wanted to watch his wife fuck a big black cock. For 10 years, he fantasized about watching her have wave after wave of orgasm. He wanted to see her thick, sweet cream coat a chocolate cock so badly.

That’s all he wanted but what he got was so much more than he bargained for.

For a while, there was one such black man his wife fantasized about fucking. She played into his fantasies using his name. However, she never had any intention of cheating on her husband. She just wanted to indulge his desires. Besides, she could never bring herself to sleep with a coworker. That just isn’t professional.

Well, one day, he happened to take a better position at another company. So, that only helped to increase the sexual tension in the air. The little baby dick bitch knew it was only a matter of time before the fixation of both of their fantasies came to a head. And, things were about to get very kinky and naughty. It was going to change the cuck’s life in the most extreme way.

They invited that big, sexy, black man over for dinner one night.

The cuck bitch made the dinner and set the scene. After a very nice dinner, the wife went upstairs to touch up her makeup and readjust some of her clothes. Once the two men (should I say the man and the bitch) were left alone, baby dick confessed his fantasies.

He spilled all the details about how he wanted to watch his wife with a BBC. How she’s never been with one before. To say that his interest was piqued would be an understatement. He told the bitch boy that he’s wanted to fuck his wife for quite a while. It was then explained that he wasn’t sure if his wife would go through with it.

The bull told the bitch to wait 20 minutes.

If no one came down then it meant he was banging his wife. So, the submissive cuck did exactly what he was told and waited downstairs.

Twenty minutes crawled by at a snail’s pace but eventually, time was up, and to his surprise, no one had come down. His baby dick twitched at the thought of what they might be doing up there. So, he stood up and started his ascent up the steps to find out.

That’s so humiliating, but we’ve only scratched the surface. Come back on Saturday for Part 2. If you want more detail about him, give me a call, or buy the audio. There will be so many more juicy details in there about our little BBC cuckold. Or, for some more humiliation, check out Cuckold Sex.



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