BBC Bulls Fill Up A Young Lolita’s Pussy In A Big Way

Do you know what I’m craving right now? A BBC for my tight young pussy! It’s been almost a month since I got to show a big bull how good a little snow bunny can fuck. Can you believe it? Way too long for a horny little girl like me. I think we’d better make up for lost time, don’t you?

My master used to get so mad when I brought home BBC and fucked them under his roof. Or at least he pretended to be mad. I sometimes think he secretly loved it.

I’d take them to my room, right next to Master’s, and let them use me like a rag doll. Part of the fun was making sure he could hear as I screamed: “Fuck me harder, master” as I took that monster of a cock.

And they always did. They fucked me like I was unbreakable, driving into me harder and deeper than anyone ever had. BBC is hardcore.


The last time I did it, I got the surprise of my life. My BBC stud and I went to the door, closed it, and there was Master, fuming with rage. I tried to run back to my room, but he caught me by the hair, dragged me to my knees, and in one movement pulled his dick out and jammed it down my throat. I gagged on it and tried to beg him to stop but he was an animal!

He called me a whore and told me he didn’t spend the last decade and a half raising me just so I could whore it up as he used me as a sex toy. My pussy got so wet as drilled my face! That BBC is demanding.

So tonight, I want to make my master madder than a hornet and get drilled by the darkest, sexiest big studs around! As many as I can. And if you don’t have a BBC for me to play with then I want to make you watch, master.

Listen to your innocent little girl turn into a hungry whore for some thick, juicy BBC and try not to get hard. I bet you can’t help yourself.

You know how wrong it is, but you just can’t help yourself can you master?

Hearing how hard they fuck me has always driven you wild and today you’re going to explode while I give all of my attention to my BBC stud! If you want another hot bbc fantasy, check out Ellie’s BBC blog!

If you’re a BBC bull and you want to explode with me, give Sky a call 877-246-0671.

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