Now that he was filling me up, my baby fever reaches new heights. My hips began moving of their own accord. I planted my hands on his broad chest and began riding like my life depended on it. In a way, it did.

His massive BBC stretched out my pussy almost as much as a baby would. His hands gripped my ass, and he started helping me, thrusting up hard and deep. It was hot, sweaty, full of need. Like two wild animals in heat. Panting, moaning, grunting with each thrust, I used every ounce of force to slam my body down on his dick. His dick is the cure of my baby fever.

Without warning, he flips us around on the bed and starts drilling my pussy. Now that I don’t have to focus on riding, I can enjoy the process a little more. His mouth circled around one of my hard nipples and he started sucking hard, stimulating my nipples like a baby would. He kept pounding me hard and fast, bruising my cervix, practically trying to break through it to dump his thick load right in my womb.

I dug my nails into his arms and started encouraging him. “Yes! Yes! Just like that! Fuck that pussy like you mean it! Don’t you fucking stop. Keep going until you cum. Give it to me, give it to me! Put a fucking baby inside me NOW!

My black stud just kept drilling me into the bed. My body eagerly taking the abuse. The way we were positioned gave you a great view of him pounding my dripping pussy, and you saw when his big black balls started swelling up. They were engorging, getting nice and tight, full of cum. You knew what was about to happen before I did.

Probably because I was distracted. His mouth was still working on my nipple, and I felt like I would start leaking milk right then and there. But instead I felt my core clenching, building for an orgasm. This big black bull has been wrecking the wall of my uterus, and finally I was ready to explode. My baby fever was controlling my every thought.

So I wrapped my arms around his waist and dug my nails into his ass, pulling him balls deep inside of me as I came on his cock. My orgasm milked his dick and I felt it as he dumped his huge load into me. I could feel the sperm racing to my womb, and you could see the bulls balls twitching as he kept shooting inside me.

I didn’t let go of him until I was positive he was done cumming, and he finally pulled out. This gave you the perfect view of my gaping pussy and you could see deep down the huge pool of cum at my cervix. I lay there with my legs spread wide and I start rubbing my stomach, lost in the fantasy of motherhood


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