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Golden Shower Fantasies Make Us Cum So Let’s Get Messy, Part 1

Golden shower fantasies make us cum so let’s get messy, part 1. So you think you have a golden shower fetish, do you?  The pee fetish is such an open question because it could mean different things.  Like, one example would be are you pissing on me or am I pissing on you? Do you want to humiliate your partner or just drive them crazy? …

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Hot Taboo Phone Sex Experience – What You’re Looking For Part 2

Hot Taboo Phone Sex Experience – What You’re Looking For Part 2 This is my hot taboo phone sex story continued. I kissed all the way down to his cock.  I started sucking on his cock wrapping my mouth around the head of his cock.  He was liking it and started grabbing the back of my head skull fucking me.  He was definitely enjoying his…

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Giantess Fantasy- Shrunken Sexcapades of a Goddess Part 1

We’re in for a big surprise! Join me on this giantess fantasy. I was always good at chemistry and enjoyed experimenting with various types of potions. I told everyone I had a special breed of dog that stayed puppy-sized, but what they don’t know is that he used to be a full-grown dog until I gave him a few drops of the potion I concocted….

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