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Chastity meets CBT with Ruby – Part 1

Chastity meets CBT with Ruby – Part 1 Perverted thieves deserve to be in chastity. You’ve been a very bad roommate! One who sneaks into my bedroom when I’m gone or even when I’m in the shower. It’s so funny that you thought I would never notice my belongings going missing. Clean and DIRTY panties. I just brushed it off at first until I started…

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Pet Play – Finding The Perfect Pet! Part 1

Pet Play – Finding The Perfect Pet! So let me tell you how this whole pet play thing started. First of all, I was always curious about the kink. I’ve actually partaken in it myself. I was the pet and I had what you would call a “master” or “owner”. However, I never thought about having a “pet” for myself until recently. It sounded like…

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Her First Time Crossdressing – Part 1

HerĀ First Time Crossdressing – Part 1 Recently a dear friend of mine confided in me about being interested in crossdressing. This might actually be my first time talking about the subject on my blog. However, I have spoken to many crossdressers, sissies, panty boys, ETC. over the years! Anyway, I was so proud of him for being able to tell me something he’s always kept…

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