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Bitch Boy-Bitch Boy Harold – Part 2

  As the Goddesses relieved themselves of their garments. The Queen Goddess snatched a blanket. Covering the shoulders of the shaky bitch boy Harold. She leaned in and whispered “You will only do this if it be true what you seek, is this what you want, to take pleasure and sudden death?’, “Yes. I please” he begged cautiously. All the Goddesses were instructed to oil,…

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Bitch Boy-Bitch Boy Harold – Part 1

‘Harold the bitch boy as they called him felt so small and insignificant in her presence. He’d heard stories of her greatness and he felt like he was standing in the presence of a God. She was surrounded by a host of other divine beings and Harold was completely captivated by their beauty and grace. The Queen Goddess stepped forward and beckoned for Harold to…

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Face Sitting Phone Sex-Teaching You A Lesson – RIL- A-0001-7-17-23 Part 1

It’s been years since I got to do some face sitting and get some real action. On This day I was feeling really heated. The type of feeling that makes me think that I can take the whole world inside my gaping cunt and still want some more. I would normally scroll through my contacts to see who I would like to fuck. Or who’s…

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