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I am Naught Nicky Knight A Goddess that delights in writing erotic stories for the men that love reading them.! I delight in offering some of the more erotic, hot and no limits stories. I will keep you cumming back every week to find out what makes my pussy hot enough to drip. Or, you can always call me at 877-868-4065 for some personal one on one phone sex!

Kinky Anal Sex He Made Me Cum So Hard When He Fucked My Ass!

Kinky anal sex, I’ve had some mixed experiences with anal sex.  Kinky anal sex, some guys think they can just go at it like they would my pussy, but getting fucked in the ass is a whole different ball of wax! What they don’t realize is that getting fucked in the ass takes a little more preparation to be enjoyable.  It does not just juice…

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Erotic Foot Fetish: Such a turn on when you have a thing for sexy feet . Pt 1

Erotic Foot Fetish: Such a turn on when you have a thing for sexy feet . -Pt 1 – Phone Sex The Truth is, seducing a man that has an erotic foot fetish is a highly enjoyable hobby with me.  I get excited just thinking about and planning my seduction.   After our many highly sexual encounters,  I know what he likes, wants, and expects.  So,…

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Cheating Sex Stories and How My Boyfriend Caught Me – Part II – Phone Sex

Cheating Sex Stories , my sweet boyfriend was in for a wet surprise from his very unfaithful girlfriend. Last time we chatted, I was telling you all about fucking a total stranger one day while out shopping.  Well, that is what an unfaithful girlfriend, like me, does.  Here is the rest of the story. When I left you in the story, the stranger and I…

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Family Sex Stories Mommy Teaches Her Son About a Woman’s Body

Family sex stories aren’t anything surprising in this close family! Family sex stories, I’d been giving my son advice on what to do with his girlfriend since he was old enough to ask. He has always been comfortable asking me questions so I’ve always been straight with him. Turns out, my boy is still a virgin and doesn’t know why. I guess the first we…

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