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Mutual Masturbation – Phone Sex with Mia – Part 2

Mutual Masturbation  Next, he had me caress my perky nipples pulling on them lightly, and I told him to massage his balls. Tugging on my titties softly with just my fingertips while listening to his voice had my little slit moist. Obviously, I am submissive by nature which means I was going to follow his instructions on our mutual masturbation call. So, even though I…

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Mutual Masturbation – Phone Sex with Mia – Part 1

Mutual Masturbation    So, I love all my callers. Exploring all kinds of fun fantasies is always exciting. Honestly, though, one of my favorites is mutual masturbation. There is something very erotic, and intimate, about sharing an orgasm. Really, it does not matter if there is a roleplay and fantasy or if it is instructions, or even if it is just the two of us…

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