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Are you ready to begin your journey with me? Finding everything you’ve wanted and so much more once again. I know you’ve been searching. Everyone is always searching for something new and shiny. Something to stand out when grouped with the rest. Allow me to show you just how special I am. Just how special our bond can be! I’ve been looking for another naughty fucker like myself, to keep me on my toes. Shall we dance, sexy? Pick your poison, allow me to tell you a little about my favorite treats.

Sissy Slut Sex Stories: My Own Personal Halloween Cheerleader! Part 3

His Sissy Slut clitty is going to be aching and throbbing as we continue our adventure! Leaving the runway and heading to the next house down the block! This one is going to be a little different than the last though!  You see, his best friend has been in contact with me. And I’ve informed him of how much my dear little Sissy Slut wants…

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Sissy Slut Sex Stories: My Own Personal Halloween Cheerleader! Part 2

So, step one of his Sissy Slut Adventure will be getting him ready. I have a wig, and makeup, and his cute little D**dy’s Little Slut outfit picked out for him! He’s going to be so shocked when he finally realizes what’s happening to him! My Sissy Slut  just thinks I’m just coming over to have some dinner with him and watch some scary movies…

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Sissy Slut Sex Stories: My Own Personal Halloween Cheerleader! Part 1

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually dress up as yourself, a Sissy Slut for Halloween? I bet you have been thinking about it constantly wondering just how amazing it would feel to prance down the street in your favorite costume! Letting your Sissy Slut self rule the block! No one would expect it! However you’d be totally thriving in the…

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Coerced Sex Story: Caught Sneaking Out! HELP! Part 2

Reluctantly I got into the passenger seat of his car, and that’s where my Coerced Sex Story continued. It was one of the creepiest feelings, sitting there with him staring at me, the few moments of silence that passed causing my heart to race.  He slowly reached over, placing his hand on my arm in an attempt to comfort me, but that’s when I heard…

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Home Wrecking Phonesex: Teamviewer Style! Part 1

If you have been following my blog I am almost positive that you know that home-wrecking phone sex is one of my favorite things in the whole world! I absolutely love the feeling I’ve totally dominating a man’s life, taking full control of the situation, and leaving him helplessly coming back for more. Have you been wondering what it would be like to have your…

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