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Are you ready to begin your journey with me? Finding everything you’ve wanted and so much more once again. I know you’ve been searching. Everyone is always searching for something new and shiny. Something to stand out when grouped with the rest. Allow me to show you just how special I am. Just how special our bond can be! I’ve been looking for another naughty fucker like myself, to keep me on my toes. Shall we dance, sexy? Pick your poison, allow me to tell you a little about my favorite treats.

Gerald’s Game Turned Rule 34 Phone Sex, Just How Crazy?

I wasn’t lying when I said I was anything goes, sometimes I really like to sit down and write about super crazy things! Like the movie “Gerald’s Game” If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend setting up a Movie Date night with me so we can watch it together! OF course, being a Stephen King movie, you already know it’s some kind of fucked…

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Sissy Slut Sex Fantasies: I know what you want and need!

You didn’t really think that you were free, did you? There’s no way I’d ever let such a prize sissy slut go. I know exactly what you need, desire, and think. Before you even know it yourself.  You see, the problem many of my sissy sluts face… Is the fact that they think I’ve forgotten them. Thinking just because I’m not constantly up their asses,…

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