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Chloe Plays With the Master-Part 2

Chloe Plays With the Master – Part Two When the zipper of Master’s pants was down, she returned for the button, grabbing the cloth near the buttonhole with her teeth and jerking her head till it came undone. Using her nose, she pushed the cloth to either side, then hesitated nervously before reaching out with her tongue again. She touched it to his cock through…

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Young Chloe and Her Hot Older Teacher- Part 2

Young Chloe and Her Hot Older Teacher- Part 2 I couldn’t believe my hot older teacher was kissing me. His hands were gliding up my thighs pushing up my skirt. Fingers finding my panties and pulling them off. I broke the kiss to undo his tie and unbutton his shirt but instead, he rips it open revealing his hot, muscularly fit chest. I nearly had…

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