Auntie Seduction – Catching You Masturbate Turns Into A Seduction, part 2

This is my auntie seduction continued.

Well, that is not the end of your hot auntie story.  When you all are out and about doing some shopping you find this lingerie store and your aunt asks you about the different lingerie she is trying on,  Does this teddy look good on me, how about this negligee, this garter belt, and stockings or this bra and panties, do you like them?  You tell her what you like which was the negligee with the garter belt and the stockings.  She buys it and you are wondering what is going to happen once you get back to the house.

But nothing happens, at the moment.

So, you go ahead and go lay down and try to go to sleep. After the auntie seduction last night, you found it difficult. You are barely asleep when you hear something coming down the stairs.  It is your auntie in this black sheer negligee, black lacy garter belt, black sheer stockings, and super slutty high heels.  She comes downstairs and gets in bed with you.  She says come here and give your auntie a kiss. So you lean over and give your auntie a kiss and it was the best kiss you have ever had.

So your auntie is like well how do I look? Well, of course, you tell her she looks hot because she does look hot in her negligee and stockings. It’s almost like she’s trying to persuade you or something. So, she takes off her negligee and all she has on is her garter belt and stockings, she has no panties on. So, she gets in bed with you and proceeds to suck on your cock and get you super hard for her. Then she straddles your body and puts your cock up against your belly.  And she puts that cock in between her pussy lips and starts rubbing it up and down her pussy lips, getting it nice and juicy.

Then she sits all the way back and sits on your face and starts riding your face and sucking your cock at the same time

She is totally into it and loving riding your face. It’s almost like you tempted her. Having your young tongue in her pussy, how it feels, how good your young tongue feels and how good that young cock feels in her mouth.  She can’t wait anymore and has to have your cock inside of her pussy.

Your hot mom rides you up and down the length of your shaft. You can’t believe she could tempt you so much. Then, she picks up speed as she bounces on top of you. You cry out as you fill her with your thick, creamy cum.

She tells you that you fucked her so well. Are you going over to her house again soon? Then again, the weekend isn’t over yet and you and your auntie have a lot of time to keep having fun.

If you missed part 1 of my auntie seduction blog then you should start at the beginning. And, check out my audio blog for some hot masturbation material.

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