Auntie Seduction – Catching You Masturbate Turns Into A Seduction, part 1

This is my auntie seduction. I hope you like it.

Some of you guys out there have that special Auntie that gets you all hot and bothered.  You know the one, she dresses so scantily, is extra affectionate with you and totally gets your cock hard.  You dream of her completely seducing you and taking over your body doing things to you that you have only dreamed of.  This is a story of your hot Auntie.

You are having to stay at your aunt’s house for a couple of days because your parents were out of town. That wasn’t something you had to be coerced into, either. She has a special needs son that has to be downstairs where you are and she sleeps upstairs. You have always had a crush on your aunt.  She has a smokin’ hot body and loves to show it off.  She is always wearing skimpy clothes around you. Like little miniskirts, short shorts, tank tops and tight t-shirts.

She always has on a pair of high heels when she is all dressed up. You’re sure she’s trying to tempt you with something wrong. Complete with lots of makeup, lipstick, her nails, and toenails all manicured.  She is always flirting with you, putting her hand on your shoulder, bicep or thigh when she is talking to you.

You have been masturbating to your aunt for as long as you can remember.

Being able to stay at her house all alone with her has got your imagination running wild!  You dream of all of the naughty, nasty things you want to do to her and how you would do it. Your dream was for her to tempt you with dirty things. Now that you are at her house it is like you have a never-ending hard-on!  Damn! She looks so hot in her little miniskirt and tank top showing off her sexy body.  I want her so bad! you think to yourself.

One night you were in the bathroom jerking your cock while thinking of an auntie seduction. Your aunt had come downstairs to check on her son when she heard something in the bathroom. She went over to investigate and opened the door. There you were with your pants down around your ankles and cock in your hand.  You say “OMG, I am so sorry Aunt Alexis! As you are pulling your underwear and pants halfway up and trying to get out the door.  Your aunt is standing in the doorway so that you can’t leave. She tells you to “get back over there and finish what you started!”  “What  Aunt Alexis?” you say.  “You heard me, young man, get back over there and finish what you started!” she says.  Get on over there I want to watch you. Your aunt knew how to persuade you to do anything she wanted.

You go back over to the toilet where you were sitting and proceed to start to jerk your cock again.

She goes over to you and removes her nightgown revealing her breasts and pussy. You knew she was trying to tempt you but you didn’t care. She tells you to stroke it for her because she likes watching you stroke it.  Rub your cock up and down my thigh, I want to feel your warm, hard cock on my thighs.  Mmmm there is precum dripping out of your cock I am just going to lean over and lick the precum off of your cock. I bet you need to cum don’t you sweetie?  I am just going to straddle you and you can shoot your load on my pussy!  Because you are such a good nephew, Auntie has many more surprises for you young man.

If you’re enjoying this auntie seduction blog then come back on Thursday to read part 2. Or, check out my audio blog to get the full story.

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