Rapping gently on my nephew’s door, I stop to listen.  Nothing. One more time, there is still no sound from the other side. I try the doorknob, turning it gently. It is not locked. Opening it very quietly, a little bit just enough to let me in. Letting my eyes adjust to the darkness, I can barely see the outline of your body in bed…  And by the nightlight, I can see the tent that your hard young cock has made out of the sheet. 


What are you dreaming about? Maybe it is about the Prom queen or the lifeguard girl from the pool. Perhaps you are fantasizing about me, your Aunt Heather seducing you, her nephew.


What I do know is that your cock is big. It is more significant than it ought to be for one just barely old enough to shave. Also, you are my sister’s son. And this is not the first time I thought about luring my nephew into taboo. Maybe I will wake you this time. Maybe I won’t. 


 I am embarrassed by what I am thinking, by what I want to do to you. I decide, not tonight, next time. Quietly I turn to leave the room and step on your dog  Spot’s squeaky toy. SHIT! Now I have done it. Dam puppy starts to bark….I pick up the puppy to get it to shut up.


“Aunt Heather, is that you?” you ask sleepily “what are you doing in my room.”




“Yes, sweetie. It is me, Aunt Heather”. I had to think fast. ‘ I heard your puppy crying and thought I would see what It needed. ” I thrust the puppy at you. “Here, now that you are awake, you can take care of Spot.”


Hesitating at the door, I decided to entice my nephew finally. Instead of leaving, I lock your bedroom door.


‘I need to talk to you about something. A secret that I need to share. You promise not to tell.’ I see you nod your head as you calm the puppy to sleep.


“What are you doing, auntie?” As I crawl under the covers with you, I think to myself. Why silly boy. I am going to seduce you, my nephew.


“Can I lay here, on the bed next to you?” I lean over you as I settle myself next to you. “It is a little chilly in here.” pulling on your sheets to get underneath them with you. I shiver a little from the cold, mainly from the sexual excitement of being so close to you. 


“I know that you are taking Psych classes at the college.” You nod your head. ‘Have you learned what nymphomaniac is yet?”  You nod again. “Good, then you know that I am not a bad person when I tell you that I have to have sex and orgasms all the time to be okay.” That is one of the reasons why I am into kinky phone sex.


The look of understanding…


The look of understanding spreads across your face, and the sheet tent pole begins to bounce. “Are you sure, auntie?’ as you try to protest.  The next sound is a gasp as I reach under the sheet to grab your hard-on and lean my tits into your body. 


“Oh, I am sure nephew’ purring into your ear. “Now help me get this nightshirt off.”


‘You know that you want to fondle my tits. I see you watching them all the time” I rub them against your side. 


‘Your boobs are nothing like the girls at school.” You say in awe.


“They are so full, soft yet firm, and such big nipples.” But I can barely hear you because I have shoved your face entirely into my chest. 


Reaching back down to stroke your young hard cock, I feel you suck harder on my nipples. Keeping my moans quiet. I have to remember to keep my voice down. Oh god, It would be a cluster fuck  if my sister saw what her ‘little boy was doing. Not to mention what it will do to her if she sees me seducing my nephew. Her son.


Nephew or not, I need this young bull’s cock. I need him now!


Knock, knock. Jiggle jiggle


“Are you okay? I thought I heard the puppy” oh shit, it is my sister at the door.


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