Knock, knock.


Have you been waiting to see what happens next with Aunt Heather seducing her nephew? Who could be knocking?


Knock, knock.


“Are you okay?’ I could hear someone press their ear on the door


Shit, I squeaked out, “it is your mother.” 


“Is someone in there with you! Open the door, son.’” I told you not to bring any sluts back home with you.” She whispers very loudly thru the door. ‘Open it now.”


I  hide naked behind the door. And try not to breathe as you open it to show your mom that you are alone. 


“Mother, a man has his needs and a right to privacy, to take care of them,” Pointing to the door. “Now, if you a satisfied that I am alone, go away,” I hear your mother gasp as you drop your sheet to emphasize your point for solitude. Only releasing my breath after I hear shuffle quickly back down the hallway and close her door. 


You close and lock the door. It is my turn to gasp in awe. Now, I can see what a man you have become with the sheet gone. Even though you are young, gawky, and practically hairless,  I can see all your potential. 


I drop to my knees in front of you. Looking up with desire in my eyes, I reach out one hand to cup your balls. Moaning your knees, buckle a little as I place the head of your cock in my mouth. “You shouldn’t be seducing me, Aunt Heather,” you whisper through your clenched jaw.


I responded by sucking harder on your dick. I gave you the ‘I dare you to stop me’ look.


Only stopping the seduction long enough.


Only stopping the seduction long enough to lead you by the cock back to your bed. “Lay down’ I command without further objections from you. I resume fellatio to bring you back to a full hard-on. 


 “Your balls heavy and tight,” I suck some more. ‘I love the way your cock bounces like there is no gravity.” I moan into your crotch 


With a soaking pussy and a need to orgasm, I straddle you. The anxious look on your face turned me on even more. With a little bit of panic, you ask, “Don’t we need a condom ?”I laugh. “Do you think I, your Aunt Heather, would seduce her nephew If I had not been recently tested plus no baby making facilities left inside of me”


With that information, you deftly flipped me onto my back, and it seemed just like some magic as you slipped your stiff cock in my pussy. 


Whispering, “Oh my, this is even better than I imagined.”  Then looking at you, I have a flood of memories. As your aunt, I was there when you were born, watching you toddle through to elementary school, then as an awkward pre-teen in middle school. I have always admired your curiosity, strength, and humor.  And as I watched you grow, I knew that thinking of seducing you, my nephew, was taboo. 


Then there were no thoughts.


Then there were no thoughts, just feelings. Your pulsating cock grows even more prominent in my cunt as I feel your orgasm nearing. That is when I stop you. Quietly I command you to roll unto your back. With my legs wrapped around, we swap positions. I can see your frustration as you want to continue.


 I push your hips down, preventing you from thrusting. ”Slow down. I want to enjoy all of you”. Then slowly, I begin squeezing my pussy muscles around your thick member. Rising and lowered me up and down, dragging out the movements. Deliberately holding you back from cumming. Whispering again in your ear, “I am not ready for this to be over yet. “


The look of frustration on your face is exquisite. Almost painful. “Please, oh please, Aunt Heather, I want to cum”.  But now,  I can not stand it anymore. My pace increases as my orgasm become imminent. Before long, I feel myself losing control and begin riding your body like a stallion, tossing my head back with a scream stuck in my throat. I squirt all over your cock and balls. At the same time, I can feel your cock cumming deep inside me. 


As my orgasms subside and our bodies stop trembling. I whisper in your ear. “Remember, If you want me to seduce you again, nephew, you have to keep this a secret.” You nod in agreement. 


The sky was the pre-dawn color. I certainly did not intend to be here this long. “I have to get out of here” Now to sneak out without my sister seeing me.


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