I felt my pussy lips were bleeding from the clawing the received.

I just wanted to get out of there and never return however soon I found out that was not an option.  At that moment the old woman floats over to me and goes down between my legs.  Her hand reaches for the cuts on my vagina lips and I feel a sudden warmth and the burning stops.  Looking at this ghost woman she smiles at me and then disappears.  I am now left with the Horrifying Mist creature with no face.

Feeling myself being pushed down my legs are pushed apart so I am wide open.

Still I could not move on my own.  Feeling like a posable doll, my legs were bent at the knee and pushed up a little so my pussy was well exposed.  Feeling tingling sensations on my lower lips I started shaking involuntarily.  It seems my body started to betray me because I was getting very wet between my legs.  This caused the mist creature to laugh as he moved in between my legs.  His cock was huge, rock hard and throbbing.  Knowing exactly what was going to happen i squeezed my eyes shut and waited.  Not having to wait very long I started to feel it.

The head of his cock was wet and glistening as he pushed it toward my wet pussy.

Feeling him pushing it in I trembled.  Praying that it wouldn’t last long and that I would survive this ordeal I kept my eyes squeezed shut.  Then the thrusting started.  In and out, in and out, in and out. God it felt like it went on forever.  Then I felt the telltale signs of the Mist Creature getting close to finishing, the twitching of his cock and the tensing of his body.  At that moment I felt myself being able to move again.  It was too late his seed spilled inside of me.

Jumping up I try to get away from him but as I started to run I felt my ankle being grabbed.  This caused me to fall and fall hard!  The wind was knocked out of me and as I was gasping for breath the old woman ghost appeared over me and put her hand to my lips signaling me to be quiet.  Laying still I waited to see what would happen.

The old woman ghost went down between my legs and put her mouth on my vagina and then it felt like a vacuum cleaner was turned on.  Everything  seemed to be sucked out of my pussy that the mist creature just deposited there.  When she was done she came up to me smiled and then disappeared.

Looking around I saw that the Horrifying Mist Creature was gone and I was alone in the graveyard.

Jumping up I ran as fast as I could back to my car and then drove home at breakneck speed.  After I showered, put warm pajamas on and had a couple of good stiff drinks I sat down to think about what just happened.  Finally the trembling stopped and I pulled out the box of old diaries and newspaper clippings from my ancestors.  Finding what I was looking for I sat totally perplexed.  It was a picture of Alice Snow faded and curled at the corners.  I studied it and looked at it for a long time.  It was the woman ghost in the graveyard.

Not believing it I realized I just had and encounter with Alice Snow!

Realizing now what happened I think she was trying to save me from the mist creature.  She couldn’t stop him from having sex with me, but she used her power to make sure that I didn’t get pregnant from his devil seed!  For that I will forever be thankful to her.

I have not been back to that graveyard since and after reading everything I could find I realize how lucky I was.  It seems that this mist creature, the devil, rises up every Halloween eve to plant his seed in an unsuspecting woman.  This is accomplished with the help of my great, great great grandmother Alice Snow.  However when she realized that I was her blood relative she did her best to stop the ritual.  Not being able to stop it completely she did what she could to protect me.

There have been many accounts of women over the years dying in childbirth of a strange demonic like creature exactly nine months after Halloween.  I was very very lucky that I am related to a witch!

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