Having a Great, Great, Great Grandmother who was claimed to be a witch!  The kind of witch that would hunt up sweet young virgins for the devils.

That is my history.  Be that as it may I still love to read everything I can get my hands on to find out about my ancestors including scary parts like Mist Creatures.  It gives me a sense of who I am.  I have had some weird things happen to me especially around Halloween.  This is my favorite time of year because I feel closer to all my ancient relatives.  Going through the old graveyards and looking up their tombstones is all I have to do to get a connection.  The following is an account of what happened to me a couple of years ago on Halloween night.

Walking into the old graveyard to visit some of my relatives tombstones like I have done so many times before.  However this time was different and I feel like I will never be able to go back there again! It was foggy and I was warned about the Fog Devil.

The tombstone said “Alice Snow”  Born 1801 Died 1847.   Underneath written in black paint was one word, Witch!

Running my fingers over the headstone it felt cold and rough to the touch.  She was only 46 years old when she died or should I say when she was killed.  Reading all of our family history book and some old diaries that I acquired, I found out Alice, my Great, Great, Great Grandmother was hung.  The book that I read said she used to find innocent young virgins and take them into the woods on Halloween night for sacrifices to a Fog Devil.

They were stripped, tied to a tree and left in the woods.

The next day the only thing left was maybe some blood and the rope.  The whole story really fascinated me and I wanted to find out more about it.  I sat on the ground next to the tombstone and had my hand resting on it.  Suddenly I felt something.  Not sure what was happening I realized that my hand was frozen to the top of the headstone and that I couldn’t move my legs.  The temperature was dropping very fast and I was suddenly extremely cold.  I was very worried about the Fog Devil showing up!

The next thing I knew was the sensation of a hand feeling up my leg toward my crotch.  The feeling was so strong I looked down to see the hand and there was nothing there!  However you could see my skin move as the feeling moved up my leg.  I had a short jean skirt on and soon the hand was under my skirt and I felt fingers clawing at the lips of my pussy.  This was crazy, I couldn’t see anything, but I sure could feel it.

Scared was an understatement, I was paralyzed with fear!

I kept trying to force myself to move but I could not move.  The feeling of the hand kept getting stronger and stronger.  Before I knew it I heard my panties ripping and they wore torn off of me and flew across the graveyard.  They were in shreds.  When I looked back down between my legs I saw a mist forming.  I tried violently to scramble away but still I could not move.

Watching the mist got larger and started to form an image.  The image was faceless but it had a black cloak on and was definitely a man.  Oh God! It was the Mist Creature!

This was obvious because of the big cock that was evident in the mist.

Moving toward me I heard an evil laugh.  There was nothing I could do being frozen to the ground as I was.  Suddenly a hand reached up out of the ground and grabbed the other mist creature.  I heard a terrifying screech as the hand grabbed ahold of the Mist Spirit.  As I stared in total fear a white haired old woman emerged from the ground shrieking at the Creature in the black cloak.  Not being able to make out a single word that was being shouted back and forth between the two ghost creatures, I just watched in fearful silence.  Was one of them the Mist Creature?

Make sure to check back on Sunday for the conclusion of, Attack of the Mist Creature.

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