Ass Worship And How To Do It Properly For Me Part 2

We left off with you giving me the ass worship that you’ve been aching to give me ever since you smelled me come home.

Your nose is covered in my juices. My pussy, my butt, all of my sweet smells. And your cock is throbbing, pulsing hard while it’s surrounded my musty jogging shorts. This is where you’re the happiest, completely engulfed in my scent.

Now, it’s time for you to relish the taste of me. I want you to dote on my ass’s every need. You want to give it the pleasure of your tongue. Yes, you need to taste me.

Your tongue slides from my clit up passed my pussy, and all the way up my crack. It circles around the opening of my rosebud causing my body to shudder. You flick it across my tight hole before slipping just the tip inside it.

My butt squeezes tightly around it but you push it deeper inside. It slowly stretches to accommodate it so you start to wiggle it a little bit. Slowly, at first, but then your tongue ungulates inside me as if it were a sponge soaking up all my juices. I smell and taste so good.

We both know that you need more.

So, I reach between my legs and wrap my shorts tighter around you, stroking you. This is so you have your hands free. You reach up and spread my butt cheeks to really get a good view. My hole glistens because of your saliva and my juices. You just can’t help yourself as you just plunge your tongue deep into my ass.

I moan loudly as the tip of your tongue finds the nerves of my G spot. You’re the only one who’s been able to make me cum just by eating my ass. And cum is exactly what I do. My juices smear all over your chin but you just keep going until you’ve had your fill.

Once you have, you pull away still tasting me in your mouth.

You know what it’s time for now.

I crawl off your lap and drape myself parallel to the couch leaving my butt up in the air. With my back arched, I reach back and spread my cheeks invitingly.

You rest your cock in between them just like a hotdog in a bun. I squeeze my cheeks closed around it and release it. Squeeze. Release. Then, I jiggle them a little bit so you can feel their vibrations from the base all the way up to your head.

Slowly, I rock my hips back and forth, jerking your cock off with my cheeks. Occasionally, I squeeze them together for a few strokes then let go. My butt feels so soft and slick against the sensitive skin of your throbbing cock.

You don’t know how much more of this you can take because you’re so close to cumming all over my cheeks and lower back.

I rock my hips forward. When I come back, I push down a little bit until I feel the tip of your cock pressing up against my puckered hole. We both want it so badly. But, answer me this, where do you want to cum? Do you want to cum inside my butt? Or, do you want to shoot it all over me? If you want to know what I want, you’ll have to check out my audio to find out.


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  1. Mark L September 7, 2020 at 2:15 pm

    I want to fill your ass with my cum! 🙂


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