Ass Worship And How To Do It Properly For Me Part 1

You’re sitting on the couch relaxing. I’m out for my morning run. Now that you think about it, you could swear I wore the same jogging shorts for the past few days. You’ve only admired my ass every time I’ve left after all. You briefly smelled me as I walked by you on my way out. It wasn’t rank, but it was certainly pungent and strong.

While you’re thinking about it, the door opens and I walk in wearing my sports bra, shorts, and running shoes. I’m a little sweaty. You can see it glistening on my skin. I’m breathing a little heavy as I collapse onto the couch beside you.

My smell fills your nose so you inhale deeply, taking it all in. It makes your cock twitch. You try to be subtle and hide it but not before I catch a glimpse. My sweet smile turns deviant, the mischievous twinkle glimmering in my eyes the way it always does when I’m up to no good.

I know you can smell me and I know how excited that makes you, how much you love it.

That’s what I planned on if I’m being completely honest here. I wore the same shorts every day for almost a week when I went out for my run. And showering is something I didn’t do yesterday.

So, once my heart stops racing and my breathing returns to normal, I stand up. I look at you while I slowly lower my shorts. Bending at the waist, I let my ass stick out teasingly. I even wiggle it in your direction. Again you catch my sent and it’s stronger than it was. You feel your pants getting even tighter as I slide my shorts down my legs. I step out of them and fiddle with them as my butt makes its’ way onto your thigh.

Sitting on your lap, I put the crotch of my sweaty shorts up against your nose.

My smell is overwhelming and intoxicating. You breathe deeply so that you can almost taste it. It assaults your sense of smell with such a sweet odor that keeping your pants on is unbearable.

I make you hold my shorts to your nose as I reach down and set your cock free of its’ confinement. It seems to swell from its’ release and get even harder. Once it’s out, I pull the shorts from your hands. You reluctantly release them.

Oh, don’t worry, I use them to rub my smell all over your cock. Then, I straddle your lap facing away from you. I put my hands on your knees and arch my back. My pussy and ass naturally open up a little bit, releasing more of my smell. It’s so raw and in your face. You admire the view I’m presenting you with for a little while before I tell you to dive in.

There is no reluctance. You slide your nose up and down the crack of my ass, taking in all it has to offer. It’s clean except for my sweat and natural smell. A little of it stays on the tip of your nose as you come up for air. But, we both know you’re not done just yet. It’s time to give me the ass worship I deserve after going through all that trouble to give you what you wanted.


To Be Continued…


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