Ass Fucked By A Candy Cane The Night Before Christmas – Candy C-Anal

I was ass fucked with a candy cane on Christmas! No, this isn’t my original piece, however, I think a few of you will appreciate it just the same. And, to have some more fun with it, I’ll give you 5 free minutes with a paid call if you can tell me who wrote this masterpiece!

It was the night before Christmas and all down the street, not a hooker was stirring not even to skeet.

On soft satin sheets, I lay there sleeping, unaware that outside my window someone was creeping.

He snuck in my room, I was so unexpecting when all of a sudden his cock started flexing. 

I shivered and shook at that dirty dirty look. 

How did he get here, I wanted to know, the mystery set me a-tingle all down below.

It’s the gift-giving season, that much is true, but I didn’t know what I was supposed to do.

He opened his bag and reached down inside and pulled out a candy cane that was three inches wide.

My mouth flew open in absolute shock, seeing that candy cane hard as a rock.

My eyes grew huge, his grin got wide, he was planning on putting it deep inside.

He made me lay down on a big king-sized bed, while visions of anal sex played through my head.

Would it feel better in my little pink snitch, or would it still hurt like a son of a bitch?

With me in my fishnets and him in his leathers, he chained me to the bed with iron fetters.

I laid on my belly unable to think, I haven’t had enough egg nog to drink.

Not for the thing that he had in store, this Christmas night I’d become his whore.

Then he branded my ass with six magic letters HO HO HO on my left ass cheek, he brandished that cane and I started to freak.

Slow as molasses the stem touched my skin, tracing my curves, he slid it in.

I opened my mouth for his holiday delight, oral before anal, it should be alright.

I licked it and sucked it as much as I could, I just couldn’t help myself, it tasted so good.

He pulled it out of my lips all sticky and wet, it was time for that freak to get freakier yet.

That sweet treat slid down my spine to my ass, when it sunk in I let out a gasp.

I bucked and I wiggled I slopped and I jiggled, then slammed in my ass with a peppermint tingle. 

He pushed and I flexed, full-on anal sex. 

With my ass now stretched open wide, he had no trouble getting it inside.

In and out he pumped that candy cane until I was loudly screaming out his name.

I don’t know how much of it I took, but I was tied down so I couldn’t even look.

The candy so sweetly then began to melt, As he shoved the cane deep and deeper it felt. 

I couldn’t believe the pleasure I felt, 

Then what did appear to my wandering eye? But 8 tiny candy canes stuck to his thigh. 

With a shriveled ball sack and a little baby dick, I knew in a moment he’d cum too quick. 

So he uses a candy cane to warm up for his prick. 

More rapid he stroked it, In my backdoor, he poked it, 

Deeper and harder till it slipped down inside, my minty-fresh asshole was fully a glide.

On Christmas morning it’s a safe bet, that my candy cane lover I won’t forget.

He used a minty holiday surprise, to fuck my ass instead of his vagina in disguise.

I know what he should get this holiday season, a bigger dick, and you can guess the reason.

When I went to my living room, what did I see, but a big present wrapped neatly just for me.

I tore open the paper to see what was inside, low and behold it was a candy cane three inches wide.

I smiled to myself knowing just what to do, next year I’ll be using it on you-know-who.

None other than my baby dick lover!

My pussy clenched at that boy, taking my brand new candy cane toy.

Oh, I wondered how far he could take it, let’s see, I’ll stick it up his ass with oh so much glee.

I wondered if he’d cry and scream out my name, for you see, Christmas for me will never be the same.

I hope you liked the expansion! What do you want for Christmas this year? Could you guess who wrote that holiday story?


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