Asphyxiophilia Fetish – Part Two

I see you made it back for part two of my Asphyxiophilia fetish. Did you listen to the audio and all the fun details? What about my other blogs? Did you read any? I am not going to waste any time reminding you where I left off I am sure you remember. Besides, if you don’t you can go back and read part one again. Although, it probably isn’t a bad idea anyway.   

As was previously stated, I am laying there spread eagle tied up and all of my control is in his hands. No pun intended. My pierced pussy is throbbing in anticipation of getting my Asphyxiophilia fix. He mounts me sticking his pulsating dick deep into my throat making me gag.  In all honesty, my instinct to pull my head back kicks in, and his hand around my neck. Initially, only to steady my head as he continues to thrust deeper and harder. His dick at the angle fills my mouth and I can feel all of my saliva slide down my throat gagging me further. His fingers tighten around my esophagus as he gets more and more excited. 

To tell the truth, listening to me gag on not only his dick but also from his fingers pressing hard into my windpipe has him feeling powerful.

Likewise, it has me feeling powerless, and my pussy is dying to be fucked. He can feel the wetness all over his legs and pulls out of my throat abruptly. Finally, shoving it deep into my pretty pierced cunt. He has full access to my throat now and he begins to focus on my Asphyxiophilia fetish. Giving me moments of fresh warm air and in a like manner, taking it away in moments. I am so close to squirting all over his shaft. My vagina walls clinging to his giant shaft and he can feel I am close to losing control. He squeezes harder and I start to cum.  As I start squirting he pushes hard cutting off all air circulation and at that moment I am thrown into the craziest most intense orgasm I have ever felt in my life. 

Under those circumstances, he was not going to be able to hold on much longer. He pulled out of my snatch shoving his dick back down my throat. His dick is covered in my cum and his already large shaft is expanded and filled with cum. He does not even need to use his hand to cut off air circulation, as he fucks my throat. Being that he was further into my esophagus than any other penis had been. As my eyes roll back in my head and I gag for air. Considering this, he can not help but shoot his hot load straight down my throat. The next thing I remember is waking up with his hoot heavy body asleep on top of mine. To be honest, Asphyxiophilia is by far one of my favorite fetishes.





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