Asphyxiophilia Fetish – Part One

Obviously, I am aggressive by nature, and I love being the initiator of sex. I have no issue saying I want to fuck, and taking your dick out and putting it into my mouth. It is no secret that I love to fuck. I really love it when I find someone that is as aggressive as I am. One of the things that I really enjoy is Asphyxiophilia. There is something about having a strong hand wrapped tightly around my throat while being fucked that drives me absolutely insane. In those moments when a hand is cutting off my airflow, I give up all control. Asphyxiophilia gives me the most intense orgasm that I have ever had. It makes me squirt. 

If you aren’t familiar with what my fetish really entails let me explain a bit. Asphyxiophilia is the desire for a state of oxygen deficiency in order to elicit or enhance sexual excitement and orgasm. They also call it breathplay and the breathless orgasm. The loss of oxygen causes ejaculation in women. In other words, squirting. There is a level of danger that is included in it, you have to be aware of your oxygen levels and able to communicate with your partner if he is holding your airway too hard. He also has to be aware of how hard he chokes you. After all, no one wants bruises in the shape of handprints on their neck. 

In short, the right amount of pressure with Asphyxiophilia, while receiving long hard strokes makes me a very happy girl. 

To be honest, I have this fantasy that I want to share with you. I have not shared this with anyone because it is very hard for me to give up control, and my fantasy requires me to give up full control. Of course, it includes Asphyxiophilia, but it also includes a level of bondage. I am not referring to full-on domination, just having my wrists and ankles restrained. For example, the sex bondage kit on Amazon if that helps you get the idea of what I had in mind. To start,  I want to be strapped down on the bed, then I want you to get on top of me. Not on top of me to fuck me regularly though. What I have in mind is being face fucked. 

Deep stroking my mouth while I am restrained, and the Asphyxiophilia comes into play right here. I want you to choke me while you gag me with your dick.

In other words, I want to feel used and abused. Just setting up this fantasy has me dripping wet, and ready to try it.  I can not help it I need to rub on my pussy as I tell you exactly what I want to be done to me. Picture me laying on the bed my arms above my head my wrists are crossed and they are shackled. Not only are they shackled together they are tied to the bed. My ankles are tied to my wrist for easy access to the sweet little slit. I am completely naked and laying there for the taking. 


Are you enjoying this Asphyxiophilia blog? I am sure you don’t want to wait for part two to come out. Considering, that is a week away! Go get the audio now! If you enjoy this one you will probably also enjoy my other blogs also. 


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