Ariel and Chloe’s Valentines Day Date Night – Part Two

Chloe comes out of the shower for our Valentine’s Day date in a skin-tight red strapless dress that pushes up her full round breasts and stops high on her thighs. There’s a gorgeous black and gold dragon down the side that stands out more against the sparkling gold chain around her neck. Sky-high black and red Louis Vuitton’s make her long legs stretch even longer.

“Stunningly beautiful!” I sigh as I walk over and wrap my arms around her neck kissing her deeply. “I have been waiting all day to do that.”

“My brunette beauty, you’re lips are so soft.” She whispers gently rubbing her thumb over my gloss slickened lips before kissing them again.

“Come, I made a romantic dinner,” I say sitting her down at the table, watching intently as she crosses one of those long legs over the other.

I switch off the overhead light and Chloe notices the candles scattered around the room and the flowers on the table. Grabbing my hand she stops me and pulls me down to brush her lips softly over mine. The sparkle in her eye is even more prominent in the flickering candlelight. 

“Ariel,” she breathes out, “You did all of this for me?”

“Of course it’s for you. It’s Valentine’s day and I promised you a date, but it’s for me too. I love seeing you in the candlelight.” I flash a smile over my shoulder as I’m serving up our meal.

We sit and chat during dinner, her smile and laugh hypnotizing me. After dinner, I usher her to the living room where we sit talking a little longer. Flirting and touching quickly turn to groping with our tongues intertwined. Standing I offer her my hand and lead her up to the bedroom.

With more candles lit around the room, she notices the rose petals scattered over the bed and floor for a perfect romantic setting. Guiding her to the edge of the bed I pull her heels off massaging the soles of her feet as I do. Chloe sighs laying back on the bed and I graze my hands up the inside of her thighs teasing my finger lightly over the thin material of her panties.

Her moan makes my stomach clench and I’m sliding her panties off of her, ready to touch and taste.

Climbing on top of her I push my knee between her legs feeling her wetness. Looking into her eyes as I bring my mouth to hers. I slide my hand down her body uncovering those beautiful breasts so I can bring my mouth to one. Licking and sucking on one nipple I tweak the other between my fingers and her soft sighs are driving me insane.

I can’t wait anymore I move down her body dragging her dress off as I go. Falling to my knees at the edge of the bed I pull her legs up over my shoulders. I begin kissing my way up the inside of her leg. Dragging my tongue over the crease between her thigh and pussy has her squirming before my mouth meets her warm wet slit.

Circling her clit with my tongue I wrap my mouth around it and start sucking. Then I slide down further to tease her opening with my tongue before slowly sliding it inside her. I reach up to pinch and rub her nipples while I fuck her gently with my tongue. Eventually, her hand comes to the back of my head pulling me in closer. 

Hearing her cry out only makes my mouth work more avidly, licking and plunging into her soft swollen pussy.

“Ariel, fuck me please!” Chloe begs, grinding into my face.

“Oh no, not yet. I’m not done tasting you.” I look up at her mischievously.

Meanwhile, my mouth goes back to her clit alternating between running circles with my tongue and sucking. I slowly tease her juicy wet pussy with two fingers before sliding them inside her. The sigh that escapes her mouth has my own moisture covering the inside of my thighs. Her sighs quickly turn to gasps and moans as I curl my fingers up massaging her g-spot while I continue to suck and lick her clit.

“Cum for me baby,” I stop just long enough to direct her. “Cum in my mouth Chloe, I want to taste all of you!” 

“Ariel! I’m cumming!” She cries out and as a result, I feel her tense around my fingers and I continue to milk the orgasm out of her.

As her body collapses to the bed I stand and strip. Climbing in bed next to her she curls into me laying her head on my chest and wrapping herself around me.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Chloe,” I whisper placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

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