Ariel and Chloe’s Valentines Day Date Night – Part One

Valentine’s day in Illinois and of course we’d end up getting snowed in when I had such an incredible date night planned for Chloe and me. So instead I decided to make her favorite dinner for her. I set her up a romantic bath with candles and one of those cute bath bombs with the rings inside of them. Banishing her to the tub to relax and pamper herself, I start dinner and begin setting everything up.

Sheppard’s Pie has never been one of my favorites, but it’s Chloe’s so that’s what I’m making. I ordered her favorite Italian creme wedding cake for dessert, but I intend on having her for dessert before serving her the cake in bed later on tonight. Setting the table with flowers and candles scattered around the kitchen for ambiance. I’m excited and ready to get on with the night.

All I can think about anymore is the next time I’m going to get to taste her sweet little pussy. 

While she’s bathing and pampering herself I go upstairs to my room to get ready. I took a shower and slicked my body with cream earlier. Now I strip down just to suit back up. Pulling on a pair of lace boyshorts that show off my nice firm round ass cheeks and a lacey bralette that barely hides my nipples, I already feel sexy. Sliding on a pair of stockings I pull on my flowing lowcut black dress with just a hint of blue shimmer in the material. You can see the bralette and the inside edges of my tits in the cleavage of the dress. 

Heading back downstairs I peek in on her in the bathroom to see if she’d like something to drink. She’s laying back in the tub eyes closed she looks so relaxed. Trying to back out quietly as to not disturb her she opens one eye and the corners of her mouth turn up. 

“Well look at you all dressed up, got a hot date tonight?” She laughs and the water sloshes around her in the tub.

Seeing her soft skin slick with water has my center warming and my soft spot throbbing with desire.

“Eh, I wouldn’t say hot,” I scrunch my face up and she slits her eyes at me, “more like completely and utterly breathtaking!”  

The corners of her mouth curl into a full-on grin and she laughs again. I wonder if she realizes how gorgeous she is. Wet alabaster skin shining and that smile so bright. The romantic sparkle in her eye when she laughs is what really gets me though. Smiling back I almost forget to ask if she wants that drink. She nods and slides back into the water eyes closed again her lips still curled and mischievous looking.

Padding into the kitchen carrying the sexy blue stiletto heels I’m going to put on for her later I grab the bottle of water from the fridge. As I set down my shoes and grab one of the gorgeous red glasses I had bought her as a small surprise gift I picture her in my mind. Daydreaming about sitting on the edge of the tub and sliding my hands down her body. 

Tweaking her nipple before I slide my hand between her legs to tease her clit.

I almost miss the glass as I begin pouring the water and my mind jumps back to reality. The throb between my legs is now accompanied by a moisture that will soon slicken my thighs if I continue imagining the things I’d love to do to her. Pouring a second glass for myself I take them to her. Handing her a glass I lean down and place a soft kiss on her lips. 

“Did you get new glasses?” She asks, turning to see the way the red glass sparkles.

“No, you did,” I smirk at her. “Just the first part of your Valentine’s day gift.”

“Ariel! They’re beautiful! Thank you so much!” She says sitting up in the water to kiss me again.

“You’re welcome, my love. I saw them and they were just so stunning, like you. I couldn’t help myself.” I tell her.

As the water cascades over her, I’m instantly brought back to my fantasy from the kitchen. Seeing her pale skin sparkle I can’t help but use the opportunity to graze my hand over her breast, lightly squeezing it. A soft sigh escapes her lips and her eyelids become heavy

“Happy Valentine’s Day Chloe,” I say as I lean my glass towards her’s in cheers.

She clinks my glass, “Happy Valentine’s Day Ariel,” she says and I see that sparkle in her eyes again.

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