Ariel and Chloe’s First Date- Part 1

When I got another drink from the Icebox, Ariel breathed, “Oh, Yes please,” and I grabbed another beer for her as we sat together. We were out on our first date at the bar. “Wow what a show.” She sighed looking at the tv. We both sat on the leather couch in the secluded room at a bar.

“Hell, yeah babe, that was awesome. It’s a fucking amazing show.” I looked over to her and smiled, “but you’re more amazing.”

She slipped her arm through mine and whispered, “Hallelujah to that.” We clinked bottles and each took a long gulp.

As I turned to say something her lips closed over mine. My chest went into paroxysm my breath evaporating as her tongue slithered into my mouth searching out my own. I dropped my drink in shock and on autopilot, my arms circled her neck. I pulled her tighter against me as our tongues swirled in scintillating rhumba, a sexy heart-stopping samba. Her hands closed over my tits as she roughly mauled me. I heard the clank as her bottle also hit the floor and we were locked in an embrace so hot I thought we might burst into flames.

My pussy quivered and I felt my thighs get sticky and clammy. My hand fell to her legs and they fell open like the gates to Eden. I allowed my hand to slide up the silken road. Her fishnet stockings finished pinching her flesh and as my hands slid up higher, squeezing, fondling, massaging, I heard her dying sigh in my mouth. A guy walked in catching us and he barked out an apology, “Sorry girls but we are locking up if you want drinks now’s your last chance.”

He disappeared and Ariel giggled, “Shit…busted…I don’t want a drink, I want you to take me.”

“Then let’s get started”

She laughed, “This is going to be so much fun.”

She didn’t have to tell me, I already knew that this first date was going to be unforgettable. The next thing I knew our clothes started flying. We were finally naked, together on the couch, her legs locked around mine. Her pussy sucking frantically on my thigh as I humped hers. My hands full of her succulent little titties, my mouth full of nipples and flesh. I felt her teeth biting and her hands squeezing, tweaking, pinching, twisting, pulling.

Forgetting we were on our first date ate the bar her hand slid down my back. Fingers easily sliding inside me. Laying on our sides, I followed suit and my fingers glided into her slippery hotness. Her pussy sucking my fingers greedily as I slid them in and out. Her body shivered and a loud moan escaped her lips.

“Fuck you red-headed Bitch.” She breathed wetly in my ear, “Keep that up and I will cum.”

Giggling at her bratty remark that sounded almost like a complaint, “Then cum like the dirty little slut you are.”

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