Ariel and Chloe Plays Together- Part 1

I feel her cheek and neck growing warm against my skin and her warm breath in my ear. Looking down at the bathrobe Chloe wore I notice the top is loose and spread open. I could see the tops of her soft breasts, and I could feel the warmth growing within me. It starts at my breasts and runs down to my pussy. Gently caressing her cheek with mine then I brush my lips down on her neck. I move my hand to her tummy and softly stroke it through the robe. Her cheek and neck are almost hot now, and with her sigh, I feel my heart beating faster.

With my lips, I plant soft kisses down her cheek and neck. Then I slowly move my hand up to the top of the robe, then down the side of her breast. I brush my hand around her perky mound, then I palm it and begin stroking. My rough palm caressing the mound as my fingers glide over the nipple.

Her breasts grow warmer by the second, nipples were rigid and stuck up from the gentle play of my fingers. She moves her head around, stroking my cheek with hers. Her breath comes out hot in a rapid gasp as I continue to briskly rub her breast. I could feel it swelling and growing hot, hear her cry as my hand pulls away, until it lands on the other tit now and begins stroking.

“Umm–ohh,” she breathes out and I dip my head down and run my mouth over the breast.

Circling it with my tongue then beginning to concentrate on licking the nipple and sucking the mound until her moan gets deeper. “Ohh, ahh,” she sighs out. I undo the bathrobe to fully expose her beautiful tits the size and shape of nice firm coconuts. Going from one to the other, licking and sucking and rubbing.

“Ahh–umm,” she breathed out a little more eagerly. Placing her hands on my head she brushes them down,  around my neck and cheeks. Now spreading the bathrobe open to uncover the beauty of her completely naked underneath.

I gently pulled her down on the couch and undo my robe to climb atop her.  Slowly rubbed my body over hers, brushing my breasts upon hers and stroking her flanks. She wraps her arms around me and begins moving her body under mine. Soon I move down her body, running and sliding my tongue along her navel, down to play between her legs.

Spreading her thighs I drew them back. Her slit surrounded by light brown fuzzy hair. I grasp her hips and sink my face down on her vulva and you hear the rush of breath with a light moan as it escapes her. Brushing my lips up and down her wet slit I blow on it hotly. She groans, clasping the back of my head. I slid my tongue slowly into her opening. 

“Ohh, ahh,” she cries out pushing her pelvis up into my mouth.

Swirling and flicking my tongue over and into her. She tastes so good just like musky cinnamon.

“Ooh, ahh, umm,” she breathes out and begins rotating her hips pushing that swollen pussy up into my mouth. I slid my tongue up and down then around her clitoris, licking the little bud, then I begin to suck it with my lips. She gasps, mashing her soft pussy upon my face, and clutched my head.

Without missing a lick, I move my body, scooting it around to straddle her head. Then lowering myself down on her face. I felt the tip of her tongue touch my slit, and then she slid it in. A shaft of wet fire stabbed up my cunt, all the way to my breasts. My heart thudded. She jabs her tongue in and out of my pussy, sending hot stinging barbs shooting up my channel.

We thrashed and writhed and licked and sucked, sending each other over the edge–up to the peak of climax, of rapture, of orgasmic paradise.

The first thing I grew aware of when I awoke the next morning was that Chloe was not in bed with me. I quickly arose and walked through the house. Hearing noises coming from the kitchen, I can smell the aroma of coffee brewing. I entered the kitchen and saw Chloe at the counter pouring a cup of coffee. She looked at me and smiled. “Ready for some coffee?” she asked.

“You read my mind,” I replied. Noticed that she’s wearing my bathrobe. 

For some reason, that turned me on, and I felt a warm stirring within and I’m ready to play again. We sat at the kitchen table and sipped coffee. “How’s your cheek and eye this morning?”

“Still sore, but the swelling seems to have stopped. I don’t think it’s going to leave any permanent marks.”

“As soon as we have breakfast, we’ll check on your car. We may need to have it towed in, or it could be that it simply flooded out last night. Also, we need to see about getting a peace warrant or restraining order taken out on your husband.”

She looked at me and nodded. “I’m going to file for divorce.”

“Good. You need to.” I tell Chloe. 

“And I need to go to the house–once–to get some things.” She says nervously.

“No problem. I’ll take you.” She sighed and looked down. “And I guess I need to start looking for a job and a place.”

“No need for that. This is your place–as long as you want, doesn’t have to be just a visit. As for a job, I’m sure I can get you one where I work. But don’t worry about that for a few days. You need a little rest and relaxation.”

Chloe smiled and stood. “Well, at least let me fix you breakfast. What do you usually eat in the morning?”

I went to her and took her in my arms. “Let’s not worry about breakfast right now,” I say spinning her into my arms.

I caress her and nuzzle her cheek and neck. Then I kiss her, sliding my tongue forward and slipping it between her lips. She opens her mouth and our tongues meet. We share a long, hot, wet kiss, swirling and flicking our tongues as our lips press and push together. Our tongues entwine and twirl and slide and rub upon each other.

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