Ariel and Chloe Play Together- Part 2

I ran my hands all over Chloe, stroking her smooth soft rump, her hips, thighs, her warm plump breasts, silky tummy, and moist little warm pussy.

“Oh Ariel,” she breathed out huskily.

As I undo our robes and we grind our bodies together I can’t believe she’s finally here for a visit. Our hot throbbing breasts are mashed and pressed together, erect nipples rubbing against each other, crisp crinkly pubic hair raking together. Burning thighs pressed together send scorching darts shooting through my entire body. Our hot breath blow on each other’s cheek and in our ears. Hearts thumping and thudding together. We gasp and pant in Sapphic passion.

With one hand I clasped her head and with the other, I pressed down on her shoulder, gently directing her down to her knees. I hold the back of her head, bending my knees and spreading my legs, and pull her face toward my cunny.

“Lick me, honey, play with my pussy.” She hesitates for a few seconds, then moves her head forward.

“Use your lips and tongue on it,” I said. “Lick and twirl and flick your tongue around my slit and run your lips over it.”

She clasps the back of my thighs and begins running her tongue along the slit of my cunt.

“Ah, that’s it, Chloe. Oh, that feels good.” I began sliding and rubbing my pussy on her mouth. “Ah, you’ve got a perfect mouth for licking a cunt. An agile, slick, smooth, wet tongue. Full lips, and a hot, wet palate. Oh, baby, you’re learning how to lick a cunt.” I grasp her head securely and began hunching her mouth as she tongue-fucks me. Flames of liquid fire surge up through my tummy to my hot throbbing tits and I’m so glad she came to visit.

“I’m gonna cum soon, honey,” I gasped. “I can feel it building up deep in my core–in the marrow of my cunt–oh god, hot juice gushing up from my cunt’s core! Ahh–this is heaven, ohh, sweet goddess, licking my pussy so hot, so juicy, so good!” I lurch up, mashing my pussy on her mouth. “Oh, sweet divine Sapphic goddess of fire! Oh, you sweet divine cuntlicker!” I gasp and pant, gradually slowing my hunching. She slowly stands and looks at me licking her lips and smiled.

“How did you like licking and sucking a cunt?” I wheezed, still almost out of breath. “You like the taste of it?”

“It tastes musky–but I like it,” she says. “And your clit is so juicy-hot and erect, yet velvety smooth, and it throbs and pulsates as I play with it. It’s as if it has a life of its own.”

“It does,” I say and we both laugh.

As I look at Chloe standing there in my bathrobe, the front undone, I can’t believe she actually came to visit! Seeing her coconut shaped breasts and her pubic hair, her little wet slit, I want to play with it. Reaching out I guide her to the wall and go down on my knees before her. Running my hands between her legs, clutching the back of her thighs. Lifting her legs up she leans back against the wall and I bury my face in her pussy. Rubbing my lips and nose, my whole face on her vulva.

She sighs with pleasure and grabs my head and throwing her legs up and over, around my shoulders and neck. It was obvious she enjoyed having me play with her cunt and lick it. Somehow it made me think I was the first to do it to her. I proceeded to give her the licking of her life,  dipping, rubbing, and twirling my tongue in her hot, juicy, sweet-tasting center.

“Ooh–ahh–ooohh, Ariel, oh sweet darling, your tongue!” she panted.

Fucking her with my mouth for a good five minutes. Jabbing, twirling, and flicking my tongue in her. Then I concentrate on her clit sliding and rubbing my tongue over and around the little nub, sucking it in with my lips. She throws her head back, lurching her body up, and mashing her cunt on my face. “Oh sweet-sucking goddess in heaven!” she gasped. “Oh, sweet tongue and lips!”

She cries out in lust and heaves her body up. “I’m cumming! Oh, Ariel! My Goddess, I’m cumming now!”

Orgasmic spasms run and jerk through her body as she gasped and cries out in climax. “Oh, divine goddess! Lick me, suck me, eat me!”

I suck her cunt for a few minutes more, lapping up her pussy juice. Then I slid my tongue out and pull her down. Hoping she’ll enjoy her visit we hold each other, panting and gasping we continue to play. Finger-fucking and falling in love with each other. Worshiping each other’s beauty, a beauty worthy of being called goddesses.

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