Welcome back to part 2 of my Anime Girlfriend Brought to Life blog! I hope you love it! If you missed part 1, then click on this link to read it. Be sure to check out my audio for this blog~


Anime Girlfriend Brought to Life – Part 2


Quickly, your hand slinks down toward the area between her legs. You begin to knead your fingers into her soft lips. Her eyes widen in shock. “What are you doing??” she asks. You don’t say a word and continue to pleasure those plump lips. Your fingers are soaked now. You bring them up to her other lips and urge her to open that pretty mouth. You slide them into her mouth, and a warm wet tongue greets you. 


“Good girl.” You groan into her ear. Without delay, you sit up and motion for her to do the same. She looks disappointed. “It’s okay. We’re going to have more fun soon,” you say. “Be a good girl and get on all fours for me. We’re going to use the couch.” She does as you say. What an obedient little whore she is. You grab both sides of her white jeans and pull them off with her panties. ‘White panties with pink polka dots! How cute!’ you think to yourself. Hurriedly, you pull down your pants. Therefore, your thick veiny member springs out. 


The head of your cock is swollen and hungry for Amélie’s wet cunt.


You take the head of your cock and place it on her glistening slit. She whines, “I think it’s too big for me! You’re not putting that huge thing inside me, are you?” Hence, you leer at her and begin to slide into her cunt. Consequently, she grimaces as you slowly make your way inside that sweet pussy. Clutching the couch cushion,  she whimpers, “It’s too big!” Hearing her cry made your cock even harder. You reach under her torso and grab both of her enormous melons. You massage them and play with those pink nipples as you make love to her cunt. 


At the present time, you keep pumping that little fuck hole for what seems like forever, but you can’t cum, not yet. Quickly, you slide your soda can thick cock out and see a gaping hole. You bring your face closer to her pussy. You stick your tongue inside, lapping up her wetness. She seems to enjoy that and backs up into your face. You can hear her making adorable moans as you tongue fuck her snatch.


Markedly, a few minutes pass by.


Your mouth grows tired, so you say, “Okay. I think it’s time for you to lick and suck me now. Get on your knees and open your mouth, princess.” Instantly, she does as she’s told. You stroke her pink hair for a few seconds, then grab a fist full of it. She winces. She doesn’t have a chance to say anything as you ram your cock into her mouth. You shove all of yourself down her throat as she begins to choke. Tears swell up in her lilac eyes. It feels too good for you to pull out now. 


Suddenly, you feel your cock twitch, so you pull out after all and allow Amélie to breathe again. Obviously, you don’t want to cum too quickly. She gasps for air. You throw her back onto the couch, placing her on her back. “Throw your legs over my shoulders, princess.” You command her. Once again, she does as she’s told. You thrust your entire length back into her warm wet pussy. You lean down and place a kiss on those plump lips of hers. You slide your tongue into her mouth as you grab her ass cheeks and pull her closer. 

Henceforth, you fuck in that position for a few minutes until you have another idea.


Swiftly, you pull away from her mouth and lay there with your dick still inside her cunt. Snaking your hand down toward her ass, you place your thumb inside that tight rosebud. She cries out, but you cover her mouth with your hand and fuck her slit with your meaty cock. Quickly, you move your thumb in and out of her tight little asshole while you stretch her pussy out. Suddenly, you can’t hold it any longer. Finally, you fill her delicious cunt with your hot seed. “You came inside?!” She cries out. 


Soon after, Amélie attempts to get up and leave, but you grab her and throw her over your shoulder. You’re not done with her, not even close. Given that, you make your way to the bedroom and throw her onto the bed. All of a sudden, she hears a click. You’ve locked the door. You hoist yourself up on the bed and force her legs apart. Hurriedly, you slide into her cunt once again. Without delay, you continue to fuck this adorable anime bitch for hours and hours. Regardless, despite the hours of fucking, you’re not letting her go. She’s your anime fuck doll now! Anyway, it looks like your story had a happy ending. To summarize, you were able to fuck your anime crush. lol


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