Welcome to part 1 of my Anime Girlfriend Brought to Life blog! Ultimately, I hope you enjoy yourselves~

Anime Girlfriend Brought to Life – Part 1


All you do is fantasize day and night about being romantically involved with a fictional character. Particularly, an anime girl. Obviously, you’ve never had a girlfriend or received your first kiss yet. Nerds like you aren’t popular with women. Being a loser isn’t the most likely thing that would easily grant you access to women. An unlucky man like yourself doesn’t have a chance in real life, so why should you even try, right? It seems like that’s your exact line of thinking. You’re self-aware. I’ll give you that.


Escapism is the way you’ve lived your life, until now, that is.


Who knew that your ultimate dream was about to come true? Of course, not you. You’re a rational and logical person. Fantasies stayed fantasies in that big brain of yours. Notably, you weren’t like those other unemployed shut-in geeks with zero social skills and a lack of awareness. You KNOW you’re a loser, but those other idiots don’t seem to grasp that simple fact. Definitely, you’re a contributing member of society because you have an actual career.


Notably, you’ve been a senior software engineer for about a decade.


Albeit, this is an amazing accomplishment! You drum up codes all day and focus on your hobbies when you finish work. Sometimes, you work longer hours to distract yourself from your sad life and ruminating thoughts. It’s okay, though. I’m the narrator of your story. Your ending definitely won’t be awful, or will it be? Lmao, You’ll see soon enough.

Of course, there’s no need to worry. The fictional world is all you need.


There’s this anime you’ve been watching since your early twenties. The main character oozes sex appeal and has the sweetest personality that no 3D woman would have. It feels like she would get along well with you if she existed in real life. You’re not the best-looking man in the world. Your personality isn’t that great. You know she wouldn’t reject you, unlike those bitches you went to college with who rejected your advances almost immediately as soon as you confessed. 


Of course, she’s the perfect woman!


She has large breasts, perky and soft to the touch. Additionally, her hair is pastel pink, which is luscious and smells like strawberries. Those eyes of hers are the prettiest shade of lilac. Creamy white skin covers her entire body. Her personality is easy-going and kind. She doesn’t so much as utter one swear word. Moreover, her kindness extends to strangers, not just those she is emotionally close with. Any man or woman would instantly fall head over heels in love with her. Her name is Amélie. The origin of her name is French. It’s so fitting for a gorgeous woman like her. 


Namely, one day you decide to put on the anime Amélie appears in as background noise. You’ve had a stressful day at work and want to wind down. You don’t want to think about work or your life; it’s too much for your current emotional state. You plop down on the couch, place your legs on the coffee table, and open a bag of shrimp chips to snack on. Suddenly, the TV begins to warp and a hand pops out. You think to yourself, “Uh, am I seeing things? I must be tired.” Before you know it, an entire human being is coming from your screen. 


“What the fuck?!” you shout.


Amélie JUST came out of your TV. This can’t be real, can it? An anime girl coming from your TV? Oh, it’s all so real. Suddenly, your eyes start to close. Everything fades to black. You pass out almost immediately. The clock hands continue to move as your body remains rigid. A warm hand presses against your forehead. Slowly, you come to. You see a beautiful woman’s face hovering over you. Again, it’s Amélie in the flesh. Her big bouncy breasts are right in front of your face. 


“I-I’m so sorry!” she stammers. “You passed out, so I wasn’t sure what to do! I also have no idea where I am. This place is unfamiliar to me…” Consequently, she looks down and frowns. Quickly, her frown turns into a smile. “Oh, are you thirsty?” she asks. You quickly shake your head and extend your arm out to touch her. Your hand grazes against her cheek. You’re making sure that she’s real and that there’s no way this is a hallucination. She has such a lewd figure. Surely, that body is to be ravaged by you.

Suddenly, an unspeakable idea pops into your head.


‘No. I can’t do that to her! It’s too much and weird, but then again…’ Your mind wanders. Amélie continues to stare at you, confused. You lift your arms and place both hands on her shoulders. You push her onto the ground. You let your body rest against her body. Those breasts are so soft and squished against your slightly muscular chest. Who knew that this anime girl would turn out to exist in real life?


I hope you enjoyed part 1 of my blog. Part 2 will be coming out in a few days. Of course, you can check out my audio here if you don’t want to wait! It has more lewd details.

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