Angels Dirty Diary – To My FinDom Sub – Part1

I have to tell you perspective FinDom subs, that it’s time for you to let go, let go of everything! Need to drain, it’s Building inside of you, isn’t it? You want to empty that wallet you need to empty it, don’t you. You want to be my human wallet baby do you have what it takes? Findom is not a fetish for those with a passing craving for BDSM or kink. In fact, you must be dedicated, disciplined, and loyal. Indeed, you’re going to have to make changes now that you want the attention of a goddess and an angel. That’s going to cost you, I am valuable. These words are worth all the Holiness of the heavens and the clouds of Olympus combined.

Subtle Art to FinDom

I will not waste my time on those without tribute. Truly there’s a subtle art to FinDom, in fact, drain too fast you will fail me being left where you stand. I have no time for losers without the ability to give me what I require. Certainly, you will get a second job if you must, even a third. I will be the one to decide how you spend your money. Will I make you a beggar on the streets, no I will need you adequately able to work and keep the money supply flowing. I demand you be successful at your job always. What good would you be to me starving without a roof over your head? Of course, whatever comes with your bills I will grant you. With what’s left after that your goddess angel will generously give you $10 to spend on yourself, and whatever you like.

To begin we’ll start small

Click on the link to my audio store, buy one now pretty easy don’t you think? If you can’t afford that walk away  FinDom is not for you. If you’re better than good enough go to my page, find the prepaid minutes, and purchase $50 of minutes. Whether or not you speak to me is on you. Do that and you’re above the cut, better than good enough, a sexy and worthy Man of Distinction. Above the ones who didn’t take either, they’re unfit to be FinDom subs, or those who just chose audio, those cheapskates. You do both and you will become my little pay Piggy, A pay piggy to a goddess angel who will be very pleased with you. Of course, I will need more as time goes by so be prepared to bow down and pay up.

Are you a man of distinction? If so follow this link and purchase audio, and go to my page to get some prepaid minutes, don’t forget to call me!

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