Angels Dirty Diary – To My FinDom Sub – Part 2

If you made it here my FinDom slave then you have proven yourself worthy to be financially dominated. Things are about to get more intense, I hope you can handle it. Goddess angel wants you to open up that wallet. If it’s empty she wants you to go to your ATM, because in part 2 you will be giving more. Why don’t you pick up that phone and give me a call? I can explain in person why your money is better off in my pretty little hands. How about a 10-minute call, with a $20 tip? That would prove you worthy of a goddess and an angel I’m sure, don’t you think?

Give It All To Me

You are a man, a simple animal with simple needs most of which correspond between your legs. I am a goddess I am an angel, and now your goddess Angel will tell you to give it all to me. The complexity of a beautiful woman such as I need a fair bit more than a simple tugging on some meat, what more does that of a man? Besides a roof and sustenance, you need a woman, don’t you? You need your fantasies to be given attention and you need me you need goddess angel. Don’t you? I need my nails done, to be sure my hair is just perfect, and let’s not forget to be dressed in a way that a goddess angel can be well-represented. That cash that you have you don’t need it I want it so give it to me, give it all to me. I hope that your workweek went well and satisfactory because we can’t have you losing that job can we, your wallet needs to be full my darling FinDom sub. My pockets need to be even more full, so fill them.

Now It’s Time To Drain

Have you called me today yet if not you better do that now your a loser your worth depends on the payments I receive? Let’s face it you need me your a pathetic unfortunate slut you feel unfulfilled without me. You do want me to continue our relationship, don’t you? Then be a good little pay slut, and don’t forget the tip. The thing between your legs that owns you knows that you’d never get my attention without the cash you pay. So head over to my audio store and pick one out and pay me pig, and then give Goddess Angel an oink. You know I want and deserve more, don’t you? A pathetic little dick nothing who needs constant attention from a goddess and can’t wait for heaven to meet an angel has to pay for the pleasure. So secure your satisfaction because you are going to prepay for your chance to be with me again, you need to be a part of me. Being a part of me is submitting your finances to me that is your place putting your money in my pocket.

You need to pay me piggy so make your call and pay your tip my phone number is here. You can also secure my attention by prepaying for minutes here. Don’t forget to buy audio here. Give an oink to Goddess pay piggy!

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