Android Sci-Fi Fanfiction – Android Becomes Sex Doll – NAT – A – 0009 – 4-17-23 – Part 2

When we last left off in our android sci-fi fanfiction fantasy, you had just activated your new android for the first time.

You are now naked.

Kneeling in front of your brand new android, hard cock in hand as you activate her. Her eyes flick open right away. She slowly sits up, taking in her surroundings. She looks at your cock, then up at you. “What can I do for you, Master?” Her voice is so sweet, almost angelic. Her eyes are so innocent, yet eager. She smiles, willing to please. “I have a full knowledge of language Master. All you have to do is give me your instructions.” You hesitate for a moment, then say, “Suck my dick.” Her mouth opens wide. She begins making a sucking motion on the tip of your cock. You can’t believe how incredible it feels. It’s like a real blowjob! She stops after a minute, then asks, “Is this the correct technique, Master? Please give me any instructions on how to improve.” 

“Mmmmm put my entire dick in your mouth.”

With little effort, your new android swallows your entire cock. You groan with pleasure. Taking her hair into your hands, you start fucking her face. After another few minutes, you feel her mouth moving on your cock like she’s trying to say something. You pull your dick out. “Repeat last words, android.” “Is this the correct technique, Master? Please give me any instructions on how to improve.” “Take my cock in & out of your mouth. Don’t stop until I say.” Your hot teen android starts blowing your cock with amazing skill. Her mouth is so wet & warm, it’s incredibly life-like… but better. She doesn’t choke on your huge dick. She just sucks & sucks & sucks. You groan with pleasure and let your new doll suck you off for an hour until you finally command her to stop.

“Lay down & spread your legs” you order.

She obeys without hesitation. You get between her legs and put her ankles on your shoulders. Rubbing your cock up & down her pussy lips, you admire her tight teen body. “When I put my cock inside you, I want you to moan as you love it more than anything. You got that slut?” “Yes, Master.” You slide your cock inside her tight, wet pussy. She grabs your arms and moans as you stretch her tight little pussy. “Careful Master, don’t break me!” Hearing this turns you on even more, and you start fucking her tight android pussy.  She’s so life-like: her moans, her reactions, she’s the perfect little slut!
Another hour passes by as you pound her pussy.

She squeals and squirms on your dick, taking every inch you give her. You can feel yourself about to cum. Pounding your dick faster & faster, you give her one more command: “Beg for my cum slut. Say ‘I want you to cum in my pussy.’ Master “ Immediately your hot teen android starts begging for your load. You pump your cock as hard and fast as you can into her pussy until you finally explode deep inside of her. She begs for your cum until you pump the final drop into her pussy. You lay on top of her, exhausted, trying to catch your breath. After a few minutes, her tiny voice asks, “Did I do well, Master?”. Your cock throbs as you tell your new little sex slave yes, she did very well indeed!


I have a passion for writing naughty stories, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If you enjoyed Part Two of this android sci-fi fanfiction and want more, listen to me read my filthy story to you in my sexy voice, and get extra-spicy details in my audio!

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