‘Android Sci-Fi Fanfiction – Android Becomes Sex Doll – NAT – A – 0009 – 4-17-23 – Part 1

This android sci-fi fanfiction takes place in the not-so-distant future, where personal computers & phones have taken a human-like form. This sexual fantasy is inspired by the anime “Chobits”. We are going to explore what happens when a hot, young-looking android falls into the hands of a horny man!

Androids are a familiar sight in this day & age.

They come in many sizes, from 3 inches tall to a fully-grown woman. They walk & talk just like a normal person. They’re so life-like that it is hard to tell them apart from a human! The only distinction for the androids is the small metal transmitters where their ears should be. You can buy software to make them perform thousands of different functions, from calling a friend to cleaning your house! However, that’s only for the newer models. The original Android models can only use the learning software they were installed with. This means you have to teach your Android everything you want it to do. Most people found this too time-consuming, so the newer model was soon made. But that didn’t make the old androids useless. Even though they would sell for really cheap, there is a huge demand for them among men. 

These simple, learning androids make the perfect sex doll!

You’ve now decided to get one of your own. You’ve been on the prowl for a while, and then today the perfect android became available. She’s quite young looking, barely 5 ft tall, and has very long blonde hair. The people you bought her from never even activated her. She’s still in her original box, body & limbs wrapped only in a thin strip of cloth. She looks like a perfect little slut already wrapped in bondage. You can hardly contain your boner when you buy her. When you get her home, you carefully lift her out of the box and lay her down on the floor. You don’t remove the strips of cloth just yet. Instead, you start jerking yourself off as you admire her. Her thin, petite frame makes you incredibly hard. 

You remove just enough cloth to reveal her tiny breasts.

Your cock throbs for her. You’re pinching her nipple with one hand and stroking your dick with the other. Her pink nipples and soft, pale skin drive you wild. Soon your hand drifts down from her breasts to the cloth between her legs. You quickly remove it and expose her perfect pussy. You push her legs apart for a full view and nearly cum at the sight. Her lips are soft, tight, and very inviting. 

You touch and tease her pussy.

Furiously beating your cock, you can’t wait to find out what she can do. This sexy little slut is all yours, and soon she’ll obey every word you say. Supposedly she can do anything you tell her to. You can’t take it any longer. You’ve got to get your cock inside your amazing new sex toy. You finally reach between her legs, pressing on the little spot between her vagina & her ass. She begins to activate.


I have a passion for writing naughty stories, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Don’t miss Part Two of this android sci-fi fanfiction! If you need to finish the story now, listen to me read my filthy story to you in my sexy voice, and get extra-spicy details in my audio!

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