Anally Brutalized , young Aria gets blackmailed part two

Officer Daniels scooped me off the floor and flips me so that I am on my knees, and my face is in the couch cushion. He ripped my jean shorts and pink striped cotton panties off of my ass and down to my knees. His hand grabbed the back of my head roughly and forced it into the cushion as he positioned himself behind me.

Without warning, he slammed all eight inches of his cock into my pussy. I screamed into the couch as the initial shock of pain hit me. He slammed his body into me again and again, forcing me to hit the couch over and over.

His cock ripped my pussy open until after maybe twenty minutes, I adjusted. My screams and whimpers turned into moans, and instead of fisting the cushions on either side of my face, I reached back and spread my ass open to give him better access. He drilled my throbbing pussy, his fist still clenching my hair tight, but now that I was enjoying it, he leaned forward and taunted me.

I knew you were a whore from the moment I laid eyes on you.”

“Offering sex to an officer of the law to get out of trouble. If you act like this at this age, I don’t have high hopes for your future.” He growled into my ear. I wanted to protest, to tell him that there is nothing wrong with having sex, but I couldn’t lift my head. “Filthy little whores like you need to be broken so they know who exactly is in charge.” He said in a dangerous tone.

So, without any warning, he pulls his massive cock out of my gaping and raw pussy. After a moment to appreciate the view, he full body thrusts his thick meaty cock into my virgin rosebud. I even had my hands spreading my ass cheeks for him…

White hot pain crossed my eyes, and I tried to struggle. My face finally shifts to the side so that I could speak. “That’s the wrong hole!” I plead. I had never done anal before…

This is exactly the hole I should be in, slut.” He said, adjusting so he was on his feet instead of his knees, to get a better position to pound me. He starts a rough, grueling rhythm, absolutely brutalizing my tight ass. I scream, which forces him to rip my head back painfully.

It hurts…”

I cried out, tears springing to my eyes.

His hand covered my mouth to shut me up. “It’s going to hurt at first, but don’t worry. A whore like you is going to be begging me not to stop by the time I’m done with you.” He growled in my ear. He had me right where he wanted me. I was trapped between his body and the couch, with nowhere to run.

He had me anchored just so, so that he could drill my ass balls deep in a rough thwap thwap thwap. His balls slapping my still raw pussy was the only relief from the throbbing, spasming pain of anal. But after what seemed like forever, the pain lessened. My screaming quieted down to just whimpers, and his hand was able to leave my mouth. His other hand left my head, allowing me to plop back onto the couch cushion.

He grabbed a hold of my shoulders and truly locked me into place so he could ram me balls deep. My whimpers turned into gut deep grunts with each powerful thrust.

I knew what was coming.

With a loud bellow, he buried himself inside my ass one final time. Unleashing a stream of cum that could put a horse to shame. He filled me up with his hot sticky cum, and finally released me. This is what it felt like to be anally brutalized…

I couldn’t move, so I stayed there on my knees with my face pressed into the couch. My asshole was gaped wide open and dripping cum onto the carpet. I felt shame. Because he was right… by the time he was cumming… I didn’t want him to stop. 

He stood up and zipped his pants. “That’s a good girl. I think we can keep this whole party thing a secret from your parents. Feel free to call me if you find yourself in any other sticky situations.”

And with that, he pulled my panties and shorts back up to cover my gaping and drooling ass, and left. My parents found me five minutes later in that very position. But it wasn’t exactly like I could tell them why I was there now could I? Couldn’t very well tell them that an officer anally brutalized their precious daughter…

I hope part two of my anally brutalized blog was all you had hoped it would be! If you missed part one, click here! Want all of the explicit, nasty details left out of the blog? Check out the full explicit story in my audio!



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