Anal Training With Monster Toys! Part 2

This anal training story is so hot but first you need to read part 1 if you haven’t already! There I was on my bed with a big monster dildo in my hot ass. The pleasure was wonderful which almost feels like an understatement. It was toy number 2 which definitely “expanded my horizons”. But I knew the third toy would be the real challenge! I’m sure the friend who sent me these toys knew I was going to struggle getting the third inside. I couldn’t let him down though. Truthfully I love anal play especially when girth is involved. Length is nice but there needs to be girth in my opinion.

Well, I could have taken my time, not rushing to get to the biggest dildo, but I was too excited! It looked so fucking delicious. A massive width and veiny. There was no way in hell that I was going to stop now. After having my fun with dildo number 2 it was time to switch things up a bit. So I slowly pulled out the dildo that was already in my asshole. When the tip came out I could feel myself gaping! If you’re into anal training don’t you just love that feeling too?

This time I was going to need LOTS of lubrication.

So I slathered as much lube as I could onto the huge monster cock. It looked so beautiful while glistening in the light. Again I was thinking how thrilled my friend would be knowing I was eager to already use his “gifts”! Especially the biggest one in the bunch. I couldn’t wait to let him know how everything went afterwards.

But anyway, I tried to relax my muscles as much as I could. Still on my side I started teasing my pretty rosebud again. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy but I wanted it very badly! So I began trying to push the head into my back entrance. My hole didn’t budge at first. I really had to work it in there to make any progress. Although you guys should know that I was quite determined to do this! I wasn’t planning on failing.

Oh my god, when the head FINALLY popped inside I could’ve cried happy tears! I worked up a sweat just trying to take the tip. But now that part was over it was time to keep going further.

My cunt was throbbing and my ass needing to be stretched to its limit.

By now I was more determined than ever before. Again I lifted my leg into the air while trying to wiggle the monster cock deeper into my rectum. My moans couldn’t be contained! I was making more progress, forcing it deeper, feeling like I was in ecstasy – and I definitely was!

The feeling that something like this gives you. It’s like none other! I had a big smile on my face when finally every inch of the humongous toy penetrated my asshole. I could now start to rub my cunt while enjoying the feeling of expansion in my ass. I rubbed my clit and pumped my anal cavity with all my might. Then something incredibly orgasmic happened. I started cumming HARD! My toes curling, pussy squirting, my asshole contracting. After cumming I had to just lie there for a moment. It really was like a workout! Sweat ran down my forehead as I was catching my breath. My bedsheets wet with my squirt juices.

So Christmas definitely came early for me! My friend was delighted to know how well everything went. I hope you have friends like him too! Get the audio so you can hear me fuck myself with all three toys.

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