Anal Training With Monster Toys! Part 1

Anal training is one way to make you feel merry this holiday season. Well, it looks like Christmas came early for me! I was pleasantly surprised to find a box on my doorstep that came from a friend. In big letters on the top, it said: “OPEN ME”. So I picked up the box, went into my house, and quickly tore the box open. I was ecstatic to find not one, or two, but THREE monster dildos inside!

What do I mean by “monster” dildo? Well, you can take a guess! They aren’t your typical toy. Often they’re much larger and shaped a bit differently. The two smaller toys were still large but nothing compared to the massive third one. I love the feeling of being stretched and filled so I was quite excited to take things further. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! I’ve already been practicing so I knew I could take the smallest monster cock with ease. So that’s where I started.

Taking off my clothes, and reaching for the lube, I began trying to work the smallest toy inside my ass.

Toy number one was in my hand as I got into bed and lay on my side. Keep in mind this really wasn’t a “small” dildo. Some people might be intimidated by this thing but I sure wasn’t! Anyway, I smothered it in lube and began to tease my back entrance. As I teased myself I was just thinking how thrilled my friend was going to be. He was going to love knowing that I just had to immediately use his “gifts”!

So there I was laying on my side with the dildo in hand. With a deep inhale I began to slowly push it inside me. My sphincter started stretching around the head. I let out a most pleasurable moan as I pushed more into my anal cavity. My ass needed to be used and filled with every inch!

Lifting my leg in the air I thrusted every bit of the monster cock inside my rectum.

Don’t get me wrong, it felt amazing! But I knew I needed to go the next size up if I really wanted to be stretched. This is what anal training is all about! So I slid the toy out of my back entrance and reached for dildo number two. Slightly larger but still nothing compared to the third one. I knew number three would be a challenge but I was close to being ready for it!

My ass was already quite lubed so I didn’t need to reapply any lubrication. I did however put the dildo in my mouth. Sucking it for the fun of it before having my ass further expanded. After getting it slobbery wet I started pushing it into my hot ass. My mouth opened as I gasped and moaned loudly. Again I was on my side with my leg in the air. Enjoying the sensation of being penetrated by something bigger than before. The pleasure was intense. Before I realized it I had the whole thing deep inside me! It felt incredible honestly.

But I knew monster dildo number three would be interesting, to say the least. I will explain what happens next this Thursday in part 2! But you can get the audio to this anal training story if you rather not wait.

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