Anal Play Prostate Massgae and Rim Job 


I am not quite sure where men have gotten the impression that if their Girlfriend plays with their asshole that it makes them a sissy. Multiple studies show that anal play results in a much stronger more intense orgasm. I just love giving my boyfriend a prostate massage and a rim job. Before I launch into my story of how I got my latest boyfriend to let me try it and the result let me give all you doubters some fun facts about the climax that can be achieved with anal play. 


In cisgender men and people assigned male at birth, anal play can stimulate the prostate and lead to an orgasm. Prostate orgasms are intense enough to send waves of orgasmic pleasure from head to toe. Diddling your derriere also has other health benefits. For instance, prostate stimulation may help prevent and treat erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, and painful ejaculation. If you happen to have an orgasm during anal — any type of orgasm there are other benefits. Including stress relief, reduced inflammation, pain reduction, improved circulation, and better skin. 


Nonetheless, men are very hesitant about letting women perform any type of anal play. 


It really is quite a shame, considering the facts. It is probably one of the reasons why I just love my sissy boys so much. Obviously, you can not just approach a straight man and ask to finger his ass. That would never ever go well. Therefore, you must approach the subject carefully. So this is the way that I brought it up. I said I wanted to do some “work” research and turned on prostate massage orgasm compilation porn videos. The amount of ejaculation that happens from anal play specifically a prostate massage is quite impressive. For this reason, I knew it would get his attention. 


Of course, watching loads of cum pour out of men from just the tip of a pinky had him intrigued. 


I scootched closer to him rubbing his cock through his sweatpants and explained to him why these men were cumming so hard. Between the porn playing and my hand, his dick started growing and responding. This was going just the way I wanted it to. Reaching into his pants I pulled out his lovely shaft and balls slowly tracing the vein that runs down the cock. As a result, his dick started to jump in my hand. Leaning down I licked all the way down his shaft until I reached his balls. Putting them both into my mouth and humming slightly while I stroked his erection. 


I moved from beside him on the couch to in between his legs. Kneeling on the floor I slid off his pants and swallowed his cock in my mouth. I knew I was going to have to get him really turned on if I was going to get him to allow me to try anal play. Now I had to choose was I going to start with a prostate massage or rim job. 


If you are enjoying this anal play blog you should absolutely go and check out my sissy blog. There are so many details that are skimmed over in the written version. Make sure that you go get the audio version of this blog for all the hot sexy details. 


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