Anal Play Prostate Massage and Rim Job 


I see you made it back to read part two of my Anal play blog. Do I have you intrigued? Want to know what it feels like to get a prostate massage? I am sure you remember where we left off, but in case, you forgot I will give you a quick reminder as to where we left off. I had set up prostate milking porn on the tv stating it was work research. Teasing and sucking his cock so that, so that I could lower his guard in hopes to show him just how intense his orgasm could be. 


Important to realize, that with my throat filled with his shaft he was at my mercy.


I made sure to give it my all rubbing my tongue up and down his erection while I swallowed his cock. Slowly I started to caress his balls letting my pinky run around the bottom of them. Playing with the taint softly. That is an area that if pressed correctly can engage the prostate. It is as close to anal play as we have gotten before. I let my finger drag a little lower as I took in his cock even deeper. Surprisingly, he did not stop me right away.


On the screen, Men were pouring an insane amount of cum simply from anal play. 


Generally speaking, we usually discuss all things sexual before we even begin to consider trying something new. Obviously, this was different. I knew he would have shot me down right away if I even brought it up. His eyes were glued to the tv as I curved my pinky and caressed down. His legs tighten from habit, but slowly he started to relax. Letting my little finger rub the inner cheek. Not wanting to push him too far at first I rubbed all around the opening of his ass. I wanted him to feel the nerves and pleasure of anal play without scaring him away. To feel how intense of a feeling it was. We could work our way into a full prostate massage eventually. 


His cock started to jump in my throat and I started to press a little harder.


As a result, he shot a full hot load straight down my throat. Ultimately, I was nowhere near done with our anal play or what I wanted to show him so I kept sucking. Creating a multiple orgasm that had him shaking. As he started to get hard again, I moved my mouth to his balls simultaneously, jerking off his cock. Allowing my tongue to lick his taint his body went slack. I moved my mouth down further licking down his crack ready to begin his very first rim job.  This was going just how I wanted it to. 


Did you enjoy this anal play story? There are so many more details in the audio. Make sure to check it out. Also, make sure you check out my sissy story.


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