Anal on the beach!

I loved the way he felt inside of me as he stroked and his hand felt up on my breast. He flipped me on top of him and I started riding his cock with his hands on my tits. I kissed and bit on his neck and one of his hands slid down to my hip and around to my ass. He gave my butt a nice squeeze right before he spanked me. I was bouncing my ass up and down off his cock and he felt so damn good.

I remember grabbing at his body and the sand as pleasure filled my body. We must had been fucking for a while because before I knew it, it was night time and the moon and stars were above us. He laid me on my side and got real close behind me. His arms were wrapped around me but this time I felt the tip of his cock right on the rim of my asshole, I felt the pressure of him pressing into me. I had no idea I would be trying anal for the first time on a beach but I was ready for it! I

had always been a little nervous about trying it but I love trying new things, especially if it involves sex! Finally, he got the tip inside of my tight little hole and I let out a gasp. My gasp soon turned into a loud groan as he slowly pushed it deeper and deeper inside of me. He stretched me open and fucked my tight asshole.

My moans were so loud, I have no doubt that the people at the bonfire could hear me.

Next, he flipped me onto my stomach with my ass in the air nice and high for him. He grabbed me by the hips and slammed himself into me. My hands dug into the sand again as I felt him fucking my small shit hole. I already came like four times when he was fucking my pussy but now that he was in my ass I was cumming even harder! I was literally dripping wet, my cum was leaking into the sand beneath us with both of our moans filling the ocean air.

Luckily, no one could hear us over the sound of all the music and chatter. I couldn’t believe he still didn’t cum yet! We had been fucking since day light and I had came so much but he was still going, it was pretty damn impressive. Finally, he pulled his cock out of me and shoved it into my mouth. I love the taste of my own juices on a man’s cock. He put his hands on each side of my face and fucked my throat nice and hard like I like it. With my lips around his cock, he shot his load into my mouth and down my throat. 


Part two

Did you like reading about how I tried anal on the beach? You might like my audio even more! Or, stay tuned for Thursday’s story!

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