My first time doing anal!

The first time I did anal was at the beach. I know it sounds crazy but it was so much fun and I want to tell you everything about that night. It was so long ago I don’t even remember when it happened but I still remember everything like it happened yesterday. It was a weekday, a Tuesday or a Wednesday and I was having a little bonfire in Ocean Beach California. A few friends and I saved up some money to spend a whole week in Cali for a little vacation. It was originally going to be a girls week, you know, shopping, tanning, shit that girls do. And that is what happened at first until one day we were at the mall and a group of cute guys came to our group.

One thing led to another and by the end we all ended up planning this bonfire. It was originally my idea before we even got Cali, we just weren’t sure how to pull it off since we didn’t know anyone in the area but after we met those very nice boys. We had everything we needed. It was perfect! By the end of the conversation, we had a huge plan for our bonfire. We got a fire going with tons of drinks, food and snacks and you wouldn’t believe how many people showed up at the beach! A few hours into it, it was still daylight and this guy came up to me and gave me a drink.

I wanted to just eat him up!

I opened it up and we started talking and laughing and having a great time. His name was Jack and he was very very cute, I couldn’t help myself and I kissed him. We looked at each other and he kissed me again. And again. And again. For a while after that, I was all over him while we partied with my friends and his friends. We played some games and everyone was having an awesome time.

Jake and I eventually found ourselves farther down the beach away from the crowd. He started kissing me and his hands felt my body. We laid on the sand and he reached his hand up my dress. I felt his fingers lightly rub on my clit and then he pressed his body against mine and I could feel his hard cock through his shorts right on my pussy. I got so wet as soon as I felt how hard he was for me. He pulled my panties to the side and rubbed the tip of his dick on the slit of my wet pussy. I pulled him closer to me and lightly bit his lip. Right then, he stuck the tip inside of me and slid himself all the way in. I loved the way he felt inside of me as he stroked and his hand felt up on my breast. I had no idea this would lead to anal.


Part one

Did you like where that was heading? Stay tuned for the end of the story on Saturday! Or, if you really really can’t wait, check out my audio blog where you not only get to hear the whole story from my own lips but I also go into more detail! 

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