There alone in the ambulance with my partner. Him pressed tight to me. I couldn’t believe I was begging him to take me. When his hands grabbed my pants and undid them I whimpered unable to hold it in. When he yanked them and my underwear down with them I let out a moan of anticipation. Fuck I didn’t care about being quiet the blizzard had left us in a white world of our own.

When I felt him touch me next it was his fingers filling me. Two in one hard thrust.

“Damn girl, you are already wet for me. Needy little thing huh?” 

“Stop playing around and take me already. Don’t make me regret breaking one of my rules for you.” Gritting this out between my teeth I stayed pressed against the cabinets with him behind me trapping me.

He didn’t need any more words spoken as I felt him pull his fingers out of me leaving me gasping. A sound escaping at the empty feeling he left behind. One he quickly resolved when I felt him grab my hips and shove himself deep into me. His hips slamming against my ass. Feeling him bury himself in me I thrust my hips back meeting his pace. Unable to stop myself even if I wanted to I came. 

My legs going weak as wave after wave of pleasure took me. As they gave out he kept slamming in and out of me. Trapped there caught crying out I feel him sliding in and out of me. The cold no longer a issue. 

I wanted this feeling to last forever as a scream of pleasure escaped. With a muttered curse I feel him lift one of his hands from my hip and slide it around my throat. The blizzard raging outside long forgotten in the moment. 

“Yes, oh god yes please.”

“I am so glad you beg for me like a good girl.” 

“Fuck me like this on slow nights in the back of this ambulance and I’ll beg all you want.” 

No more words needed spoked after that. I don’t think I could have had a coherent thought if I’d wanted. That’s when he really let loose. His fingers tightening around my throat making me helpless to him I came again. I screamed but barely any sound came out as he pounded himself in and out of me. The sound of his hips slamming against my ass loud in the back of the ambulance. 

As I came he slid his arm around my waist and pulled me back from the cabinets and turned us. Pressing me down against the gurney he released my throat and wrapped his hand into my hair and pulled me back against him thrusting into me taking me close to the edge about to shatter yet again. 

“Cum for me, be a good girl for me I know you can give me one more.”

At this I came my muscles squeezing tight around him again and again. Hearing him groan I felt him cumming in me as the world narrowed down to pure sensation. The ambulance, the gurney, who we were all fell away. 

 The sensation of him in me. Of him filling me as we tried to catch our breath was almost too much. How the hell were we ever going to get any work done when it felt so damn good to feel him taking me from behind? 

Oh yes maybe I could handle the slower pace here. It definitely had its upsides.

I really hope you enjoyed part 2 playing in the ambulance. If you just want to hear this one with all the juicy details  you should purchase my audio .

If you like this story you should check out my previous blog. Tattoo Cravings.

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