It was New Years Eve and the ambulance was parked in a vacant lot. The blizzard buried everything under freezing snow keeping everyone in their warm houses. This was my first week at this job and the boredom of this sleepy town was driving me crazy. I needed a distraction I was used to fast paced never ending being on the go. I wanted it slower so I moved here. Yet this was ludacris.

“Hey tell me, what do people do around here to pass the time?” 

My new partner stopped his scrolling on his phone and gave me a long lingering look up and down from head to toe and wiggled his eyebrows at me. Thankfully I wasn’t standing or he might have circled around me to get a look at my ass too.

“I mean I could show you but I’m not sure you are really up for my kind of fun. You know, to pass the time on a boring long shift like this.” As thoughts of what ways he might mean came to mind I felt my muscles clench in anticipation.

Sadly I shook my head in a negative to him. Mixing work and fun was a very bad idea. A mistake I hadn’t made in a long time. No matter how tempting he was dressed in the uniform I saw day in and day out and yet he filled in a way that said he worked out regularly. 

For the rest of the night thoughts kept filling my head though making me sneak glances at him. A few hours later parked in another vacant lot we organized the back of the ambulance after a call. Both of us were moving in the small space causing a serious issue. Every time I felt him brushing past me I could feel myself getting more wet.

Not five minutes in after yet another time of him moving past me I felt him hard brushing against my ass and I stifled a gasp of surprise. This time the shiver having nothing to do with the cold.

“Everything ok?” I heard him ask as shiver went down my spine when he pressed up against my back. Reaching over me to put the IV bags back where they belonged. 

“Yeah it’s cold I’m just freezing. I’m not used to seeing snow let alone being buried under it.” The excuse was a bit lame but passable with the blizzard raging around us. 

“I have a few ideas on how we could warm up.” His breath brushed against the bottom of my earlobe as he whispered it in my ear. No mistaking his hands grabbing my hips pulling my ass back against his hardon. No mistaking the moan of pleasure either as he ground himself against me. It was nearly primal the way he was making me feel. Knowing he wanted to be in me right there in the back of the ambulance. The evidence pressed tight against me as he rocked himself against me as the blizzard raged outside. 

“Please.” At the whisper that slipped past my lips shocking me I felt his hands slide up from my hips to my full breasts. 

“Please what?” Damn the way he whispered that against my hair. Slowly grinding against the back of me as his hands massaged my breasts. I needed filled, I needed to feel him in me. I couldn’t take it. 

“Take me, please oh please fuck me.” 

I really hope you enjoyed part 1. Make sure to come back for part 2 on Sunday to hear if we get it on in the back of the ambulance. If you just can’t wait until Sunday to hear the conclusion you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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