Amazon Goddess-My High School Girlfriend Part Two

I dived right into my Amazon Goddess’s juicy pussy. My tongue took one long first taste before slurping her juices. Her pussy had medium length lips that were absolutely perfect for playing with. I licked, sucked, slurped, and lightly bit those beautiful lips. Naughty Hannah grinded on my face. She shoved that perky pussy right into me. She tasted like peaches, and I couldn’t get enough. I started to finger her hot fucking hole. Only one finger at first. Then I slipped in a second. I was stroking her g spot and sucking on the clit when her moaning and breathing quickened. Hannah’s soft purs became throaty growls as she tightened around my fingers and exploded on my face.

I licked up every drop of her peaches and cream cum before giving her a quick peck and straddling her face. 

It was my turn to cum. I slowly rode on her face while my Amazon Goddess ate my pussy. Then, she surprised me. Suddenly, she had pushed me over and grabbed a toy from under the pillow. It was a pink vibrator. First, she turned it on low and played with my nipples. I smiled. It was payback of course, for teasing her. The toy trailed down my stomach as Hannah unzipped my skirt to access my bare pussy. I nearly jumped when the toy, now a few notches faster, grazed my clit. I took a deep breathe as I felt the vibrator enter me. Hannah’s deep blue eyes were watching me moan and grind into her toy. Slowly, I could feel the electric pulses building inside of me as she fucked my pussy and squeezed my perky tits.

 I felt something warm and wet on my asshole.

I couldn’t stop moaning as my Amazon Goddess teased my ass because she ate it like it was her last meal. She’d lick the entrance smirking when it puckered.  Hannah grabbed another toy. She spat on a blue plug and worked it into my virgin ass. It felt so fucking good. She filled me, and I loved every minute of those waves of pleasure crashing over me and sinking into my chest. I grabbed Hannah’s face and kissed forcefully as I came. I made a fucking gooey mess on her satin sheets as I orgasmed. My body was trembling because I came so fucking hard. Hannah took her toy out of my pussy and licked it clean before kissing me. She laid beside me and played with my hair. We giggled as we covered each other in butterfly kisses. 

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