Amazon Goddess-My High School Girlfriend Part One

Hannah is a tall, blonde, Amazon goddess. She was my naughty Amazon goddess. Those long legs went on for miles because of that; you wanted nothing more than to taste every inch of them. High school was hard enough. Imagine getting soaked halfway through class because your girlfriend was in a naughty, teasing mood.
The first time it happened, we were partnered together in Chemistry. 

I was wearing a small tank top and a short plaid skirt. Hannah had tight yoga shorts that complimented her long legs and sculpted her fine, perky ass. But, what got most of my attention was her deep cut v-neck. We sat next to each other, and I kept glancing at her chest. She had perky c cups that were begging for my mouth to explore and conquer them.

Hannah caught me looking and placed her right hand on my thigh.

 She slowly traced my inner thigh with a smirk. I wanted to fuck her to pieces. She kept pressing up against me. First, her hand on my thigh, then she reached over me, and her tits grazed mine. I bit my lip in anticipation because of her sexiness. She invited me to her place. Her parents are working late tonight, which meant that I would have her all to myself. The school day couldn’t be over soon enough.

She left the door open as she showed me her room. There was a huge king bed with satin sheets. Hannah giggled as she sauntered to it. I followed and watched her ass until she turned on a dime to fall back in her bed. Her tits bounced, and I noticed they weren’t being held back by a bra anymore. She smiled up at me as I climbed on the bed. This Amazon goddess was all mine. 

 I got on top of her.

I wanted to see those perky tits. My hands ran under her shirt, caressing every inch of her. Hannah’s skin was warm and soft. The second I felt her hard nipple I ripped off her shirt. Straightaway, I attacked those perky tits with my mouth. Lightly biting and sucking on those tits made Hannah moan.  She was such a naughty goddess. Her hips were bucking into me, desperate to grind her clit on anything she could. 

Another moan escaped her lips as I shoved my hand down her shorts.

I slipped through her light peach fuzz and found soaked pussy lips. My fingers were drenched in her naughty juices. , I was rubbing on her sensitive clit with an intent to please. Every stroke sent a shock wave through her, making her legs twitch and spread for me for the purpose of fucking her. 

Finally, she begged me to take her. Hannah even attempted to pry her tight shorts off of her soaked lower half because she was so excited. I kissed her hard as I started to take off my tank top. Hannah grabbed my breasts and rolled my nipples in her fingers. She moved on to licking and sucking on my neck as she squeezed my d cups. I gasped as she bit me because she bit me hard. She giggled as I sat up and tugged those fucking shorts off of her perky ass. 

Thank you for reading my newest blog, Amazon Goddess-My High School Girlfriend Part One.
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