Amazon Goddess – A Domination Fantasy Dedication Part 2

The amazon goddess leads you down the short hallway with the rope leash wrapped around the base of your hard dick. She and her companion keep making small talk as the three of you near the door you know leads outside. Sunlight sounds so nice right about now. You haven’t seen it in so long because you gave your life to these beautiful goddesses.

The door opens and you turn your head upward to meet the sun. It’s warmer than you remember.

The beauties lead you to a clearing in the trees. All around you are gorgeous goddesses and you are the focal point of their gazes. You squirm because you know your moment of glory and release is approaching.

The goddesses stand you in front of a stone pillar. You notice the stains and intricate carvings and assume this is the destination, the place where you will carry out your pledge and your duty. The head goddess stands behind you and fastens your bonds to the obelisk’s metal rings at the base.

You do your best to continue to keep your eyes averted but you can’t help but notice a strange contraption a few yards away. It’s very large with what looks like a hand crank on one side. Though it appears mostly wooden and metal, there’s a strange-looking leather cup at the end of a rod.

You know what this will be used for because this is what you’ve been preparing for all your subservient life.

Using a small bit of oil, one of the goddesses liberally lubes up the inside of the cup. She then moves the implement toward the pillar, and toward you. Your cock twitches again as you discreetly observe your goddesses.

Though you know better, given your current situation, your eyes drink in every detail of the goddess bringing the machine toward you. She’s adorned in a black traveler’s coat, that does very little to cover her leather ceremonial armor. It exposes most of her skin while protecting vital parts of her body.

The goddess catches your eye and you quickly turn your gaze downward. She chuckles and you feel her gentle hand on your chin. Your face is tilted upward again and you’re met with the lovely face of the goddess. Being so close and making eye contact with such a powerful, lustrous creature, your cock flexes for the third time and your heart races.

“Fear not. You will not be punished for your wandering eyes. Not today. You know what awaits you within the next few moments. We can and will grant you one small token of our appreciation for a lifetime of servitude and fealty.”

Your heartbeat is so strong and quick that you can now feel it in your cock.

Smiling, you take in your surroundings and your goddesses. They’re all so beautiful and radiant. An array of skin tones, hair colors, and breast sizes meet your upturned gaze. The head goddess stands to your left wearing only strips of leather that scarcely cover her more intimate regions.

She raises her hand and motions for the goddess in charge of the machine to proceed. So, the woman nods and pulls the machine to your pulsing cock. You are ready to accept your fate.

The leather cup is placed over your cock and fastens behind you. She starts to crank the machine and the leather starts to squeeze around you. You revel in the pleasurable sensation of the soft leather compressing and releasing around you. Your head falls back against the stone as you feel the orgasm building within you.

But you know what will happen at the moment of your climax. You want to enjoy the experience for what it is, but you also know where your place is. Your cock pulses harder as you stare intently at the head goddess. She walks behind you and you see something catch the sun’s rays.

You feel something cold against your neck as cum shoots out of you. This is everything your goddesses wanted and you’re happy to give it to them.


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