Amazon Goddess – A Domination Fantasy Dedication Part 1

It’s been a long time coming, but this amazon goddess fantasy is for you. You know exactly who you are and I hope you like it.

Your eyes open and the first thing you see is a wall of steel bars directly in front of you. You try to move your hands but they’re cuffed behind you with thick metal manacles. The heavy chain weighs down your arms so that your fingertips brush the cement ground.

As you look behind you, you see that there’s a large steel ring protruding from the floor. That is what your chain is wrapped around keeping you on your knees where you belong. A glance down tells you that you’re wearing an orange jumpsuit just like prisoners wear.

Then you hear a heavy wooden door open up. The sound bounces off the concrete floor, walls, and ceiling. When you look up, the sunlight blinds your vision. Yes, there are sparse barred windows in one or two of the walls, but you can’t see who approaches.

With a loud thud, the door slams shut.

It is now that you can see two incredibly beautiful women walking toward you. Their boots seem to reverberate through the floor and make your body shudder.

The two goddesses halt just on the other side of the bars. One of them produces a set of keys. She shakes them playfully with a smile that doesn’t reach her eyes. As quickly as you glanced, you look away knowing it isn’t your place to look without permission.

Without a word, she slips the key in the lock and turns it. She stands there for a second. You can feel her eyes peering at your downturned face but you resist the desire to look up.

One of the goddesses stands outside while the one with the keys enters your cell closing the door behind her. She squats down beside you. You can feel her hot breath against your neck and you can smell her sweet fragrance. Once again you resist the temptation of looking up at her.

You then feel and hear the goddess unfastening your chain so that you can stand up. She isn’t giving you your freedom but you don’t want to be given that gift. You know you aren’t worthy. Your place is to serve these goddesses and you happily give your life to them completely without question.

“Strip,” the goddess with the keys instructs.

You slowly get to your feet and strip off the meager garment you’re wearing. Now, you stand before your goddesses totally naked and exposed to whatever they wish to do with you.

All this time your head remains bowed in submission and your gaze continues to look at the floor. Occasionally, you steal a quick glance at the goddess’s boot and a pang of guilt sweeps over you because you did so without permission.

The goddess walks around you in a slow circle and you know she’s scrutinizing every detail of your body. From your posture to your cock which twitches of its’ own accord. She fastens your shackles back into place with your hands behind you and that heavy chain weighing you down. Then she does the same to your ankles.

She takes another length of chain and fastens the metal strip between your ankles to the one between your wrists. With some rope, she ties it to the base of your now hard cock leaving some rope dangling. She takes the extra bit of rope in her hand and tugs on you. Obediently, you follow slowly, the restraints hindering your ability to walk properly. This is it and you know it.


To Be Continued…


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